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Chatusloki and Gadya Trayam Tape

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Sep 17 1998 - 19:33:32 PDT

Dear BhakthAs of our PurvAchAryas :

Srimathi Satyan sent me a note recently about the 
most satisfying experience that she gained from
listening to the wonderful tapes on
AlavandhAr's sthothrams and the three
gadhyams of AchArya RaamAnujA . I am attaching her
note. I can not agree more about the points made by her
and I can only attest to the high quality of recording 
in the most chaste manner by Sri saranAtha Bhattar 
of Pittsburgh Temple , who has been trained at the Ahobila Matam 
school at MathurAnthakam and by Sri Thirukudanthai
Andavan ( KaNNan Swami ) . His facility with Sanskrit ,
his breath control thru stopping at the proper sandhis 
and his soulful rendering are a delight to listen to .

These are some of the greatest sthOthrams 
from the Pre-Swami Desikan era and I strongly recomemnd
the acquisition of this modestly prized tape by every Sri VaishNavA
home and hear it as often as you can .Listening to 
this  Recitation on SravaNam,EkAdasi and Panguni Uttaram days 
will be most auspicious .Proceeds from the sale of
it will be used by both the RaamAnujA Mission of Virginia 
and the Ahobila Mutt . I have been advised that 
the Ahobila Mutt is so pleased with this rendering that 
they plan to help distribute this tape in India . 
Thanks to Sri Nadadur Madhavan in spearheading this 
project and working on the sequel to this tape 
(Viz)., recording of the SthOthrams of Swami Desikan . 


>Dear Sri Sadagopan,
>I had the opportunity to listen to the tape containing Alavandar's 
>Stotra Rathna, Chatusloki and Ramanujacharya's Gadya Trayam recited by 
>Sri Saranatha Bhattar and recorded by Sri Nadadur Mathavan.  It is 
>beautifully recited and uplifts the heart.  The introduction in English 
>by Mathavan is informative. 
>One of my concerns is the limited publicity about the availability of 
>this  excellent tape. This tape project is a joint venture by Sri 
>Ahobila Mutt and Sri Ramanuja Mission.   They have graciously agreed to 
>donate the proceeds from this tape, which costs $10 per copy, to Sri 
>Ranganatha Temple.
>I request you to post in the bhakthi list about this wonderful tape. I 
>think the personal impact of the tape has tremendous value. 
>Srimathi Nagu Satyan