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Fw: venkatesvara mangalam

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Thu Sep 17 1998 - 16:56:01 PDT

I thought I would take the liberty of sharing this e-mail from a fellow
bhAgavatha regarding the reason why Sri Manavalamamuni is mentioned in Sri
venkatEsa mangalam.  My thanks to Sri Shashikanth for this....

> From: Shashikanth Hosur <>
> To: 'Mohan Sagar' <>
> Subject: RE: venkatesvara mangalam
> Date: Thursday, September 17, 1998 8:30 AM
> > I thought I was for certain, but now rethinking it, and from what you
> > said above, now am not so sure.  However, from Sri K. S. R. Datta's
> > translation (the one that you  stated is technically accurate in a
> > posting), the last line of the mangalam is translated as "May
> > auspiciousness be to Sri Srinivasa who dwells in the heart of the sage
> > Manavala and all the worlds."  I presumed that this line would be the
> > closing line of the author of the work, similar to the signature line
> > by famous composers such as Sri Thayagaraja.  But, it is also possible
> > that
> > this was Sri P. B. Annan Swamy's way of paying respects to his teacher.
> > 
> 	Namaskaram
> 	There is a reason why the Sage Manavala is mentioned in the 
> 	mangalam.
> 	It is the ritual in tirupati to go and procure the water from Akasa
> Ganga and add different perfumes before the lord venkateswara is given
> with this auspicious water
> 	Once Sri P. B. Annan Swamy's  when he was to procure the water for
> the Lords bath, he happened to meet his
> 	spirutual brothers who were also disciples of his teacher.  He was
> so happy to meet them he started enquiring
> 	about the welfare of the teacher and mentally remmembering him and
> the days he spent at the Gurus feet.
> 	He was so engrossed in the thoughts of the teacher that he was
> delayed in taking the Akasha gana for the morning rituals.  So in the
> he performed the rituals without adding various sungandas.  
> 	He suddenly relaised that he made an apacharam which unpardonable
> since he forgot to add the sungandams before he performed the daily bath.
> On realising this out repentance he prayed to Lord for forgivess for the
> apacharam he made.  Then the Lord spoke to him saying that the water he
> bathed with smelled very good and he never bathed with that kind of water
> before.
> 	Sri P. B. Annan Swamy's  did not understand because he did not add
> any divya sungandams.  Then the lord replied that his gurus smarana while
> was getting and procuring the water made the water more precious than 
> 	divya sugandams.
> 	Thats the reason he mentiones the verse "May auspiciousness be to
> Sri Srinivasa who dwells in the heart of the sage Manavala and all the
> worlds".
> 	The reason being Lord was always in the heart of his devotee Sri
> Sage Manavala and remembering the Guru/devotee is like performing service
> the Lord.
> 	I read this in Saptagiri a telugu magazine published by TTD
> 	shashi
> >