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Re: venkatesvara mangalam

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Thu Sep 17 1998 - 08:29:24 PDT

Mohan had written:
> I am the novice when it comes to the sanskrit vs. tamizh names of our
> pUrvachAryans.   But, I have not yet heard the revered Manavalamamuni
> referred to as srImat-sundara jAmAtramuni as Sri Datta claims that he is in
> this context.  But, as Sri Datta seems to be fairly accurate his
> translation of the rest of the text, I presume that he is correct when says
> that this muni is Sri Manavalamamunigal.

Dear Mohan,

He is correct. "sundara jAmAtR" is the literal translation
of "azhagIya maNavALan", the full name of maNavALa mAmuni.

   sundara = azhagIya,  meaning beautiful or handsome
   jAmAtR  = maNavALan, meaning bridegroom

azhagIya maNavALan is one of the names of Lord Ranganatha
in utsava form [*].  Another synonym for "sundara" is
"ramya".  This form of maNavALa mAmuni's name should be
more familiar, since it comes in mAmuni's taniyan:

  yatIndra-pravaNam vande ramya-jAmAtaram munim


[*] This is from memory. Please correct me if the name
    azhagIya-maNavALan is also applied to the mUlavar.