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Fifth head of Brahma
Date: Thu Sep 17 1998 - 06:50:12 PDT

On the fifth head of Brahma,

Shri Sadagopan wrote:

Now returning to our story , Lord ShivA wandered
with stuck skull in hand and ultimately reached
KandiyUr divya Desam ( Kantana Puram in Sanskrit).
Here Rudran did penance and offered His worship
to Sriman NaarayaNan and took a dip in the PushkariNi
and with the Lord's blessing , the stuck kapAlam
eased itself from his hand . As a result , the
BhagavAn here is known today as Hara Saapa VimOchana
PerumAL and the PushkariNi is recognized as Kapaala
ThIrtham .There are two versions on how the kapAlam
got unstuck. One in which , Bhagavan makes a cut
in His chest and directs the blood pouirng out into
the Kapaalam until it is full and that did it.
In another version, MahA Lakshmi poured some grains
as you described."

Dear Shri sadagopan:

Is the above story from Linga Puranam or from the the Sthala puranam of
Kandiyur Divya desam.