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Prathivadi Bhayankaram...

From: PB ANAND (
Date: Thu Sep 17 1998 - 08:09:11 PDT

Dear Bhagavathas

Mani, many thanks for explaining the meaning of 
Anna's thaniyan. What I have been told about PB 
background conforms to what Mani wrote. 

I am glad the venkatesa suprabhatam discussion has taken 
off. I wanted to do it but hesitated thinking that most 
people perhaps know it anyway. Thanks to Sriman Krishna 
Susarla and others for taking the 
initiative to discuss the meaning of suprabhatam and 
please do continue. 

I just want to add two points. 

A. The moolapurusha of PB 
family (hastigiri Annan) did have an opportunity to do 
kainkaryam at the Tirumalai temple. During that time, he 
came close to members of Ananthampillai vamsam, who have 
the privilege of bringing in sacred waters for the 
tirumanjanam of the Lord. A tribute to them is contained 
in the verse :

'ela lavanga ghana sara sugandhi theertham ...vaidika 

B. There is a Prathivadi Bhayankaram Anna trust based in 
Kanchipuram, and they arrange annual programmes
(sometimes in the Anna sannidhi near the main gopuram of 
Varadaraja swamy temple in Kanchipuram). Also, 
there is a person of PB lineage (and son of well known 
singer PB Srinivas)  now based in Hyderabad and he has 
been organising annual congregations and discussions. 

If it will be of interest to members, I will post some 
routine details of various rituals in the Tirumalai 
temple and which verses from the divya prabandham are 
recited in which occasion, etc. 

Adiyen, Srivaishnava dasan
PB Anand