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adaikkalappatthu-"ambena naan amizhndhEnE"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Sep 15 1998 - 21:59:11 PDT


Dearest Sisters and brothers,

Yet another enjoyment dosage of  adaikkalappatthu. This prabhandham is 
the tenth one. A lovely one!

ThirumagaLum thiruvadivum thiruvaruLum theLLaRivum
Arumaiyilaamaiyum uRavum aLappau ariya adi arasum
Karumam azhippaLiamaippum kalakkamilaa vagai ninRa
AruL varadhar nilai ilakkil "ambena naan amizhndhEnE"

Re cap: Meaning from Sri SadagOpan's excellent post:

I have joined without fail the majestic and glorious feet of the Lord , 
who is never separated from His beloved consort. He has the most 
bewitching beauty. He is an ocean of mercy . His dayA for His devotees 
is unmatched. He is omniscient . He is easy of access to His devotees . 
He has the chEthanAs and achEthanmas as His body . He is the supreme 
Lord of all of this universe .He is the one , who creates , protects and 
destroys all of this world and its beings . These auspicious attributes 
will never part company with the Lord . I have now joined with this 
PeraruLALan of such anantha kalyANa guNa vaibhavam .

The last line in this prabhandham "ambena naan amizhndhEnE" - is simply 
beautiful. "I have joined now with Him like an arrow that has penetrated 
into the target right at the centre and stuck there fully immersed in 
the target itself, without any possibility of getting separated or 
removed from it at all. (which is Sri varadhan- PerarauLALan)." 

This line "ambene naan amizhndhEnE-  it is told- is mentioned in the 
Veda. (Which one- I don't know). 

PraNavO dhanu: sarO hyAthmA brahma thallakshyamucchyathE/
ApramatthEna vEddhavyam saravatthanmayO bhavEth// 

A warrior locks the bow, holds the arrow and aims with fullest 
concentration, at the target, and shoots, It goes with the necessary 
required right amount of force straight into the target and hits. This 
is compared to prapatthi or saranAgathy in the above two lines. PraNavam 
is the bow. JIvan is the arrow. Brahmaam (Sriya: pathih Sriman 
Narayanan) is the Goal. With fullest concentration, if it is aimed, the 
jIvan is destined to enter into Him. That is why "ambena naan 
amizhndhEnE"  (This was written in a small booklet on adaikkalappatthu - 
a release by Lifco in 1989 in celebration of Swami Desikan's 722nd 
Thirunakshathram (in 1989).)   

Swami Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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