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Fw: ZrI VeGkaTeza-suprabhAtam

From: Krishna Susarla (
Date: Tue Sep 15 1998 - 15:07:06 PDT

Would someone be so kind as to post the answer here? Also, if you could say
a few words about the author of Shrii Venkatesha Suprabhaatam (in the spirit
of both enlightening me and in discussing the character of a great
Vaishnava), I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

-- K

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From: M. Tandy <>
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Date: Tuesday, September 15, 1998 11:48 AM
Subject: ZrI VeGkaTeza-suprabhAtam

> Namas tubhyam. JAyati PrabhupAdaH.
> I've always wondered who wrote the VeGkaTezvara-suprabhAtam. I
>think I remember hearing somewhere that it was VedAnta-dezika. Do you
>know? Probably someone on the bhakti list does.
> MDd