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Adaikkalappatthu- VibhIshaNa SaraNAgathy

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Sep 14 1998 - 22:01:36 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Sri Mani has instilled a desire in me to read and enjoy Swami Desikan's 
adaikkalappatthu, whose meanings were very beautifully written by Sri 
Sadagopan.  That added more enjoyment to me, while reciting the same. We 
are greatly indebted to Sriman SadagOpan and Sri Mani for their 

It reminded me also of one Sri Rangachari (at Singapore) who has talked 
in our NAMA get together in April this year, when we celebrated Sri Rama 
navami at Singapore. He took the 7th prabhandham from adaikkalappatthu 
and explained Sri VibhIshaNAzhwAn saraNAgathy only based on this verse. 
How nicely it fitted, you know? Here's how. 

Umadhu adigaL adaikinREn enRu orukaal uraitthavarai
amaiyum ini yenbavar pOl anjal enak karam vaitthu
thamadhu anaitthum avar thamakku vazhanghiyum thaam migha viLanghum 
amaivudaiya aruLaaLar adiyinai adaindhEnE

Read again before proceeding with the meaning.

umadhu adigaL- Your Feet; adaikinREn anRu- reaching (as means to 
oru kaal uraitthavarai- once telling (as above); ini amaiyum- this is 
enough. Hereafter,
anjal enak karam vaitthu- Do not worry; (and shows "abhaya hastham")
thamadhu anaitthum- All His wealth (including Himself); avar thamakku- 
To such prapannan (one who surrenders as above); vazhangiyum- Even after 
granting (for prapannan's enjoyment);
thaam migha viLangum- He shines even more illustrious (due to His 
Greatest GuNa of giving away everything for a mere telling and 
surrendering once).; (By giving His property or wealth does NOT 
diminish; It increases; and He shines even more as "Parama kaaruNikO 
Bhagawaan".)  amaivu udaiya- Of such a Brightest Lord; aruLaaLar 
adiyiNaiyai- Such Most Merciful Lord's Feet (kaanchi PeraruLaaLan's 
Feet) adaindhEn- I have surrendered to. 

Here VibhIshaNAzhwAn surrenders leaving all his family, wealth, wife, 
children, brothers, land, his chance of becoming next king (possibly due 
to rAvaNan's probable losing to Sri rAmA)- He left everything and 
knowing fully well that it is only appropriate of him to surrender to 
Sri Rama and none else; He had so much faith and MaHa ViswAsam in Sri 
Rama that if he comes and surrenders to Him, He will definitely take 
care of him and accept him. We know all the arguments put forth by 
Sugreevan, et al against accepting VibhIshaNan and still Sri Raman 
accepted him with open arms; Not just that He even gave away everything 
that VibhIshaNan didn't at all expect- The Coronation then and there- 
the entire Sri Lanka rAjyam. Thamadhu anaitthu avar thamakku - In fact 
some one asked Sri Rama as to what He would do if rAvaNa comes and 
surrenders now; Since He had already made VibhIshaNa as the king. Sri 
Rama smilingly said " rAvaNA will be made the king of ayOdhyA. Such 
Greatest of Greatest Lord is our Sri Ramachandra mUrhy! He had also so 
much faith on His bhAgawathA- Sri BharathA and He knew BharathA won't 
stick to his chair - after all BharathA was His brother (and not one 
among us!)  

Now again have a look at the meaning in light of Sri VibhIshaNa 
SaraNAgathy and see the excellent identity with this prabhandham. 

"The Lord is resplendent at the sight of the prapannA and blesses him to 
enjoy all of His Isvaryam and looks at the prapannA with great 
compassion and reveals through the gesture of Abhaya MudrA that his 
one-time praaptthi alone is sufficient to enjoy all of that bliss" . I 
surrender my aathmA to that glorious and merciful Lord , who grants such 
matchless boons .

Just share of thought and enjoyment of Sri Ramachandra mUrthy.

(Surrender once to Him and He says "That is enough" He will shower you 
with not only mOksham and kaimkaryam at Sri Vaikuntam also limitless 
wealth in this world (which we would not want anyway, of course, being a 
mumukshu). RaamOr dhvir naabhi bhAshathE" rama never talks twice".)  

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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