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5th head of Brahma!

From: Balaraman M Sriram (
Date: Mon Sep 14 1998 - 08:19:42 PDT

Dear Friends,

I heard a story wherein Lord Shiva seemed to have plucked the 5th head 
of Brahma and  the  kapala (skull) stuck to his hand. He was roaming 
around with the Kapala which  later disappeared after Lakshmi poured 
some grain into the Brahma-Kapala. Can anyone 
shed more light into  this story ? . When and where did Brahma get his 
fifth head ?

This, I believe may be linked with the sthala puranam of the famous 
kapaleeshwarar  temple of Mylapore, wherein after the episode described 
above , Lord Shiva decided to  grace the place as "Kapaleeshwarar".

Mylapore Vaasis ...?



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