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Re: Sri Jayanthi - ChathuslOki GitA

From: Sridhar Srinivasan (
Date: Mon Sep 14 1998 - 02:10:45 PDT

Sri Madhavakkannan provides an interesting interpretation (and one
consistent with shankara bhashyam) for the following bhagavan vAkyam. 

> 10.10  tEshaam satata yuktaanaam bhajathaam prIti pUrvakam/ dadaami
> buddhi yOgam tam yEna maam upayaanthi tE//
> Meaning: I give the buddhi (jnAnam), to those who are constantly
> engaged in devotional service and worship Me lovingly, by which
> (that buddhi) they come to Me.

 However, I believe that the translation above is inconsistent with 
Emberumaanaar bhAshyam and other poorvacharya vyAkhyAnams with 
reference to the all-engulfing aashritha vyAmOham (mAlE in mAlE 
maNivaNNA) of our dear kaNNa piRAn.   What the lord seeks from us is 
simply an absence of vimukhathvam (vide sri periya vaachAn piLLai 
on kooDArai vellum:  advEshamE pathAsaaha kkonDu mADugaLin pinnE 
pOravanE, also Eedu vyAkhyAnam for urugumAl nenjam padigam - 
Lord's pEr avA that can engulf - kabaLeekaram paNNavalla -  azhvaar's 
avA for Him), His love for us is overwhelmingly all-encompassing, in 
that all he seeks from us is an open mind (absence of dvEsham) that 
does not say no to His krupA .  
In this context, the above shlokam is interpreted as:

tam buddhi yOgam prIti pUrvakam dadaami

He offers, with overflowing love and krupA, buddhi yogam to his 

Aazhvaar Emberumaanaar Jeeyar ThiruvaDigaLE sharaNam