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Sri Jayanthi - ChathuslOki GitA

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Sep 13 1998 - 02:04:16 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

After the lovely post on KrishNA’s birth by Sri V.SadagOpan, I was 
reading GitA, especially Chapter 10, slOkAs 8,9,10 &11. These four 
verses are supposed to be called ChatuslOki GitA, since they describe 
the essence of GitA. Let me share with you these four slOkAs on this 
most auspicious day of Sri KrishNan’s janmaashtami. May Sri Partha 
Sarathy bless us as He does always and shower His mercy on us!

10.8  aham sarvasya prabhavO matta: sarvam pravartthathE/ iti matva 
bhajantE maam budhA bhAva samanvithA://  

Meaning: I am the creator of everything and everything emanates from Me. 
The learned (one who learns this) engage in their devotional service to 
Me and worship Me wholeheartedly (great attention and involvement).

10.9  macchittA mad gatha prANA bOdhayantha: parasparam/ kathayanthascha 
maam nityam tushyanti cha ramanti cha//

Meaning: My devotees have their minds and thoughts fully engaged on Me, 
their lives devoted to Me; and they derive great satisfaction and bliss 
enlightening one another and talking about Me perpetually.

10.10  tEshaam satata yuktaanaam bhajathaam prIti pUrvakam/ dadaami 
buddhi yOgam tam yEna maam upayaanthi tE//

Meaning: I give the buddhi (jnAnam), to those who are constantly engaged 
in devotional service and worship Me lovingly, by which (that buddhi) 
they come to Me.

10.11  tEshaamEvaanukampaartham aham ajnAnan jam thama:/ nAsAmi Athma 
bhAvasyO jnAna dIpEna bhAsvathA//

Meaning: Out of "anukampA" (compassion) for my devotees, I, dwelling in 
their hearts (as antharyaamI) destroy their ignorance and darkness (out 
of ignorance) with the bright shining lamp of jnAna (knowledge).

These four slOkAs, as you can see, speak the entire Sri Vaishnava 
philosophy. It is He who, out of His compassion, enables us to perform 
eternal service to Him. But, a little effort on our side to be devoted 
to Him in full complete faith is necessary.
Please forgive me for any error in translation / transliteration. 

May "Kutti KaNNan" born on this day, stay in our hearts to destroy our 
darkness and enormous dirts!

tamasO maa jyOthirgamaya

KrishNA! KrishNA!

uNNu chOru parugum neer thinnum veRRilai ellaam KaNNan

Sarvam SrI KrishNArpaNamasthu.

Narayana  dAsan MadhavakkaNNan

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