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Re: Pancha Sooktham recitation

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Fri Sep 11 1998 - 13:13:58 PDT

Sriman Anbil Ramaswamy wrote:
> For that matter, Azhagiya Singhar in his Kalakshepam used to demonstrate how
> Ashtakshara and Dvaya Mantras are to be recited. A casual rendering is an
> insult to the holiest of Mantras contained in the Vedas.

>From what I gathered from acharyas and their writings,
the ashTAkshara comes in multiple forms.  The Vedic form
has a certain svara pattern.  The Tantric form does not
necessitate svara.

The dvayam does not have svara, but it is no doubt still 
important to say the mantram properly.

The benevolent rishis point out that if someone commits
an error or lapse in practice in ignorance or innocence,
no fault attaches to him or her. Consequently, if someone
says a Veda mantra incorrectly because of lack of knowledge, 
no fault attaches to that person.

However, sin or paapam is not really the issue.

Leaving aside all notion of sin, I feel it behooves
us to try to do our best in our service to Him. In this 
respect, this includes trying to respect the rules of
Vedic recitation as much as humanly possible. No doubt
the Lord is infinitely pleased by whatever little we do
in the service of Him; the very fact that we are trying
to sing His praise is the source of unending delight for
Him.  He will naturally ignore whatever mistakes are made
in such sincere service. But from our perspective, true, 
selfless dedication, in my opinion, requires trying to do 
this duty to the best of one's ability, respecting the work 
and its rules as much as we can.

It is all the more easier given how many alternatives
the benevolent rishis have laid before us.  If one is
simply incapable of learning and reciting the Veda 
correctly, there are hundreds of alternatives that 
in no way are of lesser spiritual worth.  

aDiyEn iraamaanusa daasan