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Re: Pancha Sooktham recitation

From: muralidhar rangaswamy (
Date: Fri Sep 11 1998 - 05:58:14 PDT

Dear Sriman Sadagopan,

Thank you very much for a wonderfully informative note on the 
Aradhana Kramam followed at Sri Sannidhi of Ahobila Matham. 
I am short of time to write in more detail due to a forthcoming work 
related trip to the west coast. I had an opportunity 
to discuss the role of Narayana Upanishad in Temple rituals with 
Pancharatra Agama Praveena, U. Ve. Sri Srinivasa Bhattar. His 
response echoed many of the points made in your post. I shall 
summarize them upon my return. 

Best Wishes,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy 

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>Dear Sri Mani Varadarajan :
>In Ahobila Mutt SampradhAyam ( Sri Sannidhi ) ,
>Talikai is presented and is followed by 
>KarpUra Haaratthi . Then follows Vedam , PurANams, 
>Divya Prabhandham as SaaRRumurai Kramam . 
>NaarAyaNOpanishad has a place here in the section 
>on Atharva vedam .It is recited without svarams .
>After that Apasthampa Gruhya Suthram , Srimadh
>RaamAyaNam passage ,Vishnu PurANam , Srimadh Bhagavadh 
>GitA , Srimadh BhAgavahtam , AhObila MahAthmyam,
>ALavandhAr sthOthram , Sri BhAshyam , Sri GithArtha Sangraham ,
>Sri Gita Bhaashyam, Sri Rahasya Thraya Saaram ,
>PaadhukhA Sahsram excerpt , Yathi Raaja sapthathi ,
>Sapth aRathna MaalikA , Srimadh Adhi VaNN SatakOpa
>YathIndhra Vaibhava chandrikA , SampradhAya Prakasam 
>and then sevai , SambhAvanAs .
>The AtharvaNa Vedam portion with svaram is :
>sannO dEvIrabhishtaya ---sravanthuna: 
>NaarAyaNOpanishad follows .Aapasthampa Gruhya 
>SUthram  is the next one in that order . 
>At 10:06 AM 9/9/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>On Wed, Sep 09, 1998 at 06:49:37AM -0700, muralidhar rangaswamy wrote:
>>> It is absolutely not true that the Narayana Upanishad has no place 
>>> in temple rituals. Such authoritative statements without facts to 
>>> back them up are at best misleading. 
>>My apologies if I was mistaken in my statement.
>>Can you clarify where the nArAyaNa upanishad is
>>in regular use in temple ritual? 
>It is covered in the above section .
>>My impression was that other than in the 
>>"mantra pushpam", Vedic recitation in Vaishnava temples 
>>is almost exclusively from the Yajur Veda.  Pancaratra 
>>temple priests are generally required to be from Yajur Veda.
>The reason why the Vedic recitation in (South Indian)
>VaishNavite Temples is in Yajur Vedam is because of
>the dominance of Yajur Vedam in Tamil Naadu and
>Andhra PradEsh . Rg Vedam and Saama Vedam is not
>that prevalent compared to Yajus SaakhA in south .
>Yajur Vedam is also tied with the rituals . 
>Ideally , you would see the use of Rg Vedam on 
>the banks of river Narmadaa and Atharva Vedam in the North .
>There  are detailed mapping of the prevalence of 
>individula saakhAs in different parts of India  
>and their influence on the local languages . 
>The VaikAnasA preists also follow the Yajur Vedic 
>tradition in their worships .
>This is an interesting topic . I wrote a 64 page article 
>on Veda SaakhAs and related matter in Tamil few 
>years ago .That was read by prakrutham (Current )
>Azhagiyasingar in his purvAsramam .I gave another
>copy to Sri Murali Rangaswami . Research on Vedams
>and Vedic topics is a wonderfully engaging activity 
>for us .

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