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Srimad Bhagavatam

From: Bk Edward Pattillo (
Date: Fri Sep 11 1998 - 02:43:19 PDT

nigama-kalpa-taror galatim phalam
suka-mukhad amrta-drava-samyutam
pibata bhagavatam rasam alayam
muhur aho rasika bhuvi bhavukah

O expert and thoughtful men, relish Srimad-Bhagavatam, the mature fruit 
of the desire tree of Vedic literatures. It emanated from the lips of 
Sri Sukadev Gosvami. Therefore this fruit has become even more tasteful, 
although its nectarean juice was already relishable for all, including 
liberated souls. 

Does anyone read Srimad-Bhagavatam on a regular basis?
If so, please correspond with me so that we can share realizations of 
the nectarean mellows found in this cream of all Vedic literatures.

In the present age of Kali-Yuga how can one ever find a perfect 
situation in which to recite Vedic mantras? It is stated in 
Srimad-Bhagavatam 1st Canto CH.1 text 10:

prayenalpayusah sabhya
kalav asmin yuge janah
mandah sumanda-matayo
manda-bhagya hy upadrutah

O learned one, in this age of Kali men have but short lives. They are 
quarrelsome, lazy, misguided, unlucky and, above all, always disturbed


krsne sva-dhamopagate
dharma-jnanadibhih saha
kalau nasta-drsam esa
puranarko 'dhunoditah

This Bhagavata Purana is as brilliant as the sun, and has arisen just 
after the departure of Lord Krsna to His own abode, accompanied by 
religion, knowledge, etc. Persons who have lost their vision due to the 
dense darkness of ignorance in the age of Kali shall get light from this 

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