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Re: paramanin aruL-arunagiri nadar.

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Sep 10 1998 - 19:23:33 PDT

>Subject: Re: paramanin aruL-arunagiri nadar.

At 04:09 PM 9/7/1998 -0400, I had written (VS):

>>Lord Narasimhan : The worship of SivA 
>>reaches our Lord NaarAyaNaa as indicated by the story
>>in MahA Bharatham , where ArjunA's Siva Pujai
>>ends up at the feet of Lord KrishNA . 

A dear friend had invited my attention to
the following  Thiruvaaymozhi
paasuram 2.8.6 of NammAzhwAr and wondered 
whether the account described by me 
was at variance with NammAzhwAr's vaakku :
>thIrththan ulagaLandha sEvadimEl poondhaamam,
>sErththiyavaiyE sivanmudimEl thaan_kandu,
>paarththan theLindhozindha paindhuzaayaanperumai,
>pErththumoruvaraal pEsakkidandhathE
In this paasuram ,  Arjuna sees the flowers 
he placed at the feet of the Lord ending up 
in the head of Siva.

I was quoting my version from memory in 
the context of what I rememberd from 
the MahA Bhaaratham section , where 
ArjunA was instructed by KrishNA to
do penance to get PaasupathAsthram from 
Sri Rudran . I do not have access to the original 
text of MahA Bharatham . Hence I can not vouch for 
my leaky memory .In this context , I recognize NammAzhwAr's
words as not only authentic , but even more 
inspiring in terms of the vision of Sri Rudran
as the author of Manthra Raaja Padha SthOthram .