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Thiruvaaymozhi 9.7- Before I am finished, tell Him please.

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Sep 09 1998 - 03:01:57 PDT


Dearest Sisters and brothers,

Last ten, AzhwAr was completely immersed in Emperumaan's beauty and 
GuNAs and melted thinking of Them. His thirst for further enjoyment and 
joining Him increases exponentially. He gets into NayikA bhAvam and 
sends birds, clouds as "her" messengers to the Lord to express her 
longing for ThirumUzikkaLam Emperumaan. She thinks that Emperumaan is so 
compassionate and merciful that He definitely comes to save His beloved 
BhakthAs. But He should know that so & so is desirous of Him. Hence, she 
send the messengers to let Him know of her status. 

1. Oh Cranes (of long red legs)! You all are taking good food and are 
happy at our salty shores. You should on my behalf go to 
ThirumUzhikkaLam as my messenger to Emperumaan there. That Emperumaan, 
One who wears honey dripping ThuLasi maalai on His Head is Sri Krishnan, 
the dancer with the pot. Please inform that Dancer my situation. If you 
do that help, I will keep your and your relations' feet on my head.

2. Oh kurugoo birds! You all are enjoying with your mates 
uninterruptedly. But have you looked at me? I am suffering here being 
deserted by my Bhagawaan. Even my relatives are looking down at me and 
have ignored me. Bhagawaan has also deserted me. Both sides- I have none 
to take care of myself. What is the use of my living hereafter? Can you 
do me great favour, by going to ThirumUzhikkaLam with your battalion and 
ask Him "Do we not deserve to belong to Him? Is it not appropriate to 
join the BhAgawathAs?". Please ask Him. 

3. Oh kokkE! Oh Kurugoo birds! Please ask ThirumUzhikkaLa Emperumaan 
point blank whether we, the ones who lost ourselves in His Beauty, are 
not qualified ones for joining Him? That Emperumaan's Eyes, Hands, 
limbs, Feet are all extremely beautiful like lovely red Lotus flowers. 
His Divya MangaLa thirumEni is like that of greenish red Lotus leaf. His 
lips are so reddish in colour. Such a Greatest Beauty- do we not deserve 
to see Him?

4. Oh lovely clouds! Please go as my messenger, on my behalf to 
Emperumaan for this lowly self- greatest sinner. The Emperumaan of 
ThirumUzhikkaLam is the wholesome beauty filled entirely all over His 
ThirumEni and is gracefully present at ThirumuzhikkaLam. Please go to 
Him and tell Him "Please give Your Beautiful ThirumEni to this girl". If 
you do that, do you think He will punish you? Will He ever punish you, 
who is so bright (like Him) with your lightning. (No.)

5. Oh Clouds, that are surrounded by fiery lightning which engulf the 
clouds so swiftly like the tongues of fire! Emperumaan, as He stays at 
that Holy Paramapadham, stays in this sinner's heart too. He is also as 
a jyOthiswarUpi at ThirumUzikkaLam. Please go and tell my situation to 
that Emperumaan. 

6. Oh bees! The ones who speak sweetly! Please tell about me to 
Emperumaan, on my behalf. Please go to Him, the Lord of 
ThirumUzhikkaLam, for me, as my messenger. Tell that Lord, who has 
Periya Piraatti, MahAlakshmi in His chest, "This girl, due to her 
suffering from being separated from You, has her bangles and dress, slip 
off easily (she has thinned down so much!)". (The last line 
".thoodhuraitthal sepputhirEl sudar vaLaiyum kalaiyumE". Kalai- dress; 
This means: Tell Him about my situation and the bangles, dress getting 
slipped off due to my sufferings. NampiLLai, alternatively and 
beuatifully ineterprest that "If you all go and tell Him my state, He 
will definitely come. And hence, His coming will be only my bangles and 
dress. What an anubhavam! NampiLLai NampiLLaithaan.)

7. Oh kurugoo birds! The Emperumaan of ThirumUzhikkaLam, the Red Lotus 
eyed Lord, the Red Coral mouthed Lord is the Greatest Lord. This 
Emperumaan has left me and gone without even hugging this sinner's 
shoulders. Not just that! He has also taken my bangles and dress along 
with Him; (means: I have lost my shyness!). Please see Him and convey 
Him my state of affairs.

8. Oh Bees! The Ones who fly everywhere in the vast Nandhavanam (Garden) 
and eat merrily the food/honey, fly and hum joyously to instil happiness 
in our hearts! Please, on my behalf, go to Emperumaan as my messenger. 
That Lord has got the most loveliest Divine Body and has got ThuLasi 
maalai (garland) on His Head. That Emperumaan is blessing the world at 
ThirumUzhikkaLam, surrounded by thick, huge ramparts. Tell Him my 
pitiable state and my sorrows.

9. Oh young kurugoo bird! I have fallen deeply in love with 
ThirumUzhikkaLa Emperumaan and due to that, I have lost myself in Him, 
suffering from "pasalai" disease. My tender breasts, that are adorned by 
beautiful jewels, have also become pale and changed their complexion. My 
eyes keep shedding tears continuously. I have completely LOST MYSELF to 
That Emperumaan, who wears the most Beautiful ThuLasi on His Head; who 
has the Divine ChakrA in His hand. He has left me and deserted me 
leaving me, suffering here. Tell Him that He should NOT take away His 
Form also with Him; If He wishes to go. Let Him go. But He should leave 
His Beautiful form with me. Taking that away from me is NOT proper for 
love. (How is it? )

10. Oh Beautiful Swans! I am terribly suffering from languishing and His 
separation from me torments me to the greatest extent. I am suffering 
from "viraha thaapam" and am longing to join Him. Due to my yearning and 
thaapam, my body thins down, gets pale; my dress loosens; my "mEgalai" 
(waistband?) slips off. If it continues like this, it appears even my 
AthmA will lose itself and will end. Tell Him that it is NOT appropriate 
of Him to leave me at this sorry, pitiable state of affairs. Before I am 
finished, tell Him please.

11. The illustrious jyOthi, Emperumaan is there at ThirumUzhikkaLam, 
always forever. In the state of being away from that Emperumaan, in 
PiraaTTi bhAvam, Kurugoor SadagOpar has sung these faultless pAsurams, 
as if they are the suffering, cries of sweet, parrot voiced Parangusa 
nAyaki. These ten come out of AzhwAr's 1000 immortal  pAsurams on 
Emperumaan. Those who learn these ten will be able to get rod of these 
births (which are the main causes of separation from Him) and enter into 
His abode where there is no further birth.

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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