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Rig Veda Samhita

From: S.A.Shivashankar (
Date: Mon Sep 07 1998 - 20:55:54 PDT

Dear BhAgawatas,

I wish to bring to your notice a significant recent publication that may
be of interest to many of you.

Under the banner of the SrI Aurobindo KapAli SAstry Institute of Vedic
Culture, Bangalore, (founded by Prof. R.L. Kashyap of Purdue University),
the complete text of the Rig Veda has recently been published. It was
released in July formally by Swami Rangapriya whom many of you know. 
(I understand that a good version of the Samhita has not been readily

The work is edited by Prof. R.L. Kashyap and Dr. S. Sadagopan of the
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (who happens to be a student of
Prof. Kashyap). The hardbound book, which runs about 950 pages, consists
of the "complete text in DEvanAgari, commentary in English on 108
(selected) verses, and an introductory essay". 

The special feature of this edition is that it has been typeset using
fonts and accent marks specially created for the purpose through the
efforts of Mr. Mohan Tambe, formerly of the Centre for the Development of
Advanced Computing, Pune. As such, three kinds of accent marks- UdAtta,
AnudAtta, and Svarita- are used in the printing of the text, to allow for
proper chanting of the verses. The text comprises all the ten Mandala's of
the Rig Veda. 

(I can vouch for the very high quality of the composition and the printing
that has been achieved. It is a pleasure to read the script.)

The introduction to the edition says that there are plans to bring out a
CD-ROM (multimedia) version of the Samhita that would also include the
chanting of the entire text.

More information may be had from:

Prof. Rangaswamy L. Kashyap   (

Dr. S. Sadagopan   (

(The limited edition text costs Rs. 500 in India and US$ 50 abroad.)

I am posting this on the Bhakti list unofficially in the sense that the
Editors may do so separately.


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