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Re: paramanin aruL-arunagiri nadar.

From: narayanan kazhiyur (
Date: Mon Sep 07 1998 - 05:00:31 PDT

Srimathe ramanujaya nama:
Dear Bhagavatas,

now our Mr.chandrasekar has talked about arunagiri nadar and thirupukaz.

infact any person (incl. srivaishnavas) would appreciate if one reads 
works in tamil by saivaite nayanmaras and esp. works by ramalingaswamy 

here one should remember that, the philosophy of nyanmars and other 
saivaite followers were not that of "ADVAITA"

like srivaishnavas, they also outrightly rejected advaitin beliefs.

the main difference between saivaites and sri vaishnavities could be of 
who is the para brahman.

further, with specifc ref to arunagiri nadar, he also composed hymns on 
Sri varadaraja and tirumal eugulising his paratva.

can the learned memebers in the group throw light on the same?



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