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paramanin aruL

From: V. Chandrasekaran (
Date: Fri Sep 04 1998 - 04:45:56 PDT

Dear Members,
   We had the chance to have the great bhagawathas of this list
like Sri Sadagopan, Smt. Viji, Sri Madhavakkannan share their 
experience of Supreme's karuNai in their life. Sri SadagOpan's
experience in Sri Guruvayurappan sannidhi is a great anubhavam.
I had earlier expressed this to Sri Sadagopan in a private mail.

     "God doth press the signet of eternity upon
      many a fleeting moment"

   But it's Divine Will to bless us with ability to grasp that
and not lose it later on.

   These are something no human intellect can explain as to 
what's this phenomenon. Only the trascending higher sense of
the spirit can perceive this. adiyEn had an experience on this
Aug 26th, the ganESa chaturthi dinam. 

Bhagawathas pls. let me post this experience which may seem 
somewhat `anniyam' to vaishNavam.

I didn't go to work since it was a holiday. There is a temple 
near where I stay in Bangalore. That temple has all sannidhis 
(both saivam and vaiNavam). There are two mUlavars. Siva 
lingam and perumAL. One can sit many hours there enjoying the 
divine beauty that emanates from the two sannidhis. The smile 
on the face of perumAL in standing posture with Sankham, 
chakram, abhaya hastham and gadhai; it's a wonderful sight. 
There are dEvi and AndAL sannidhis on either sides of perumAL
sannidhi. Some saturdays I go to the temple and sit before that 
Lord for vishNu sahasranAma pArAyaNam. On that day also I went 
in the evening. I worshipped at vinAyakar and Sivan sannidhis. 
I was then reading stOtrams. I had a desire to know the way to 
sing thirupugazh (by aruNagiri nAdhar) since I recently got the 
lyrics for the same. I had the thAL in which I had that lyrics 
with me. I read it as prose and then prayed to God to let me 
hear to somebody sometime sing that paNN so I could learn how 
to sing that song. I won't even say I prayed. I just only expressed
my desire casually. Then I finished my prathakshiNam and then 
moved to perumAL sannidhi and was trying to do dhyAnam before 
starting vishNu sahasranAmam. That was only some 15 mts. after 
I got the desire and submitted it to God's will. It was somewhat 
selfish on my part, to learn to sing that song of aruNagiri. A 
pious lady came to the temple and sat in front of the vinAyakar 
sannidhi and started singing various songs on vinAyakar (since 
it was chathurthi that day). I didn't even imagine that my wish 
would be granted so soon. After singing a few songs she started 
singing aruNagiri nAdhar's thirupugazh. I was elated. Couldn't 
convince myself how such undeserving souls like adiyEn too get 
to experience such Divine plays. Then I went on with my dhyAnam
and pArAyaNam.

deivatthiRkOr viNNappam:

   kalikondEn undhan innaruL peRavE - nI aRiyAdhavanO, 
   indhap pAzhum ulagaththu
   nalivellA maRukkum arumarundhadhu venRu?
   aruLAi! deivamE, nEramanRO idhu?

   icchagaththil piRappuRREn kaNakkillai? - nI aRiyAdhavanO,
   Ezhaiivan sei kuRRamellAm
   nacchAip panmadangu peRugippOch chenRu?
   aruLai! deivamE, nEramanRO idhu?

   seivadhaRiyEn, kAppArillai, uNarndhEn - nI aRiyAdhavanO,
   kanRukkup pasuvanRO kAppenRu,
   sEivAdath thAi uLLam poRAdhenRu?
   aruLai! deivamE, nEramanRo idhu?