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Re: kaNNan piRandhAn! - 2

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 14:17:19 PDT

>>    There are various lokAs each presided by a vibhava avatAram 
>>    ie. rAma lOkA , KrishnalOkA etc exists within the material realm.
>>    Ardent devotees of such vibhava avatArams will go to such lokAs &
>>    enjoy the communion with Sriman nArAyaNA in that particular form.
>>    From there , they might adopt either "prapatti" or "bhakti yogA"
>>    to ascend to "Parama padam" ie. Sri vaikuNTham , the supreme abode
>>    of Sriman nArAyaNA. It is to be noted that those who have crossed
>>    the vIrajA river & went into Sri VaikuNTham have already left behind
>>    their connection with "prakruti" ie. matter . Basically , as long as
>>    connection with prakruti exists , it means that "karmA" is still
>>    binding that jIvAtmA. So , in Sri VaikuNTham since the connection with
>>    prakruti no longer exists for the jIvATmA, it has got rid of its karmA
>>    also. 
>Jya and Vijaya are recognized as Nithya suris along
>with GarudA , VishvaksEnA in our sampradhAyam .
>Sanaka , SanathanA , SanathkumArA and Saanath SujAthar 
>are the Maanasika PuthrAs of Chathur Mukha BrahmA .
>The father asked his four sons to engage in Srushti 
>Kaaryam according to our purANAs . They rejected 
>the request of the Father due to their lack of 
>interest in this world.The angry BrahmA then created
>Rudran , the Nine prajApathis startign from MarIchi ,
>Naaradar and Kardamaa .He then created Manu , His wife
>and sakala VidhyAs .Creation and growth of the world 
>went on inspite of the lack of interest of the four
>first born sons of BrahmA .
>Srimadh Bahagavatham states that the Four sages 
>went to Sri Vaikuntam .Only those have no sambhandham
>can enter Sri Vaikuntam .SanakAdhi munis have 
>the aprAkrutha sarIram and could enter readily 
>Sri Vaikuntam .Possession of that AprAkruthic 
>body is attributed to the Tapas of BrahmA ,
>their father .Sri Sukar , the author of
>Srimadh BhAgavatham describes thru 12 slOkams
>the AprAkruthic beauty of the Parama Padham 
>( Sri Vaikuntam ) entered by the 4 sages to 
>have the darsanam of Sri VaikuntanAthan 
>( Thiru ViNNagarappan ).He says that even 
>the bees there swarming the VaanamAlai of 
>the Lord perform Hari Naama SankIrthanam 
>( BrunghAdhipE Hari KathAmiva gAyamAnE).
>Our sages  arirve at the seventh gate
>after passing thru the first six gates
>of Sri Vaikuntam protected by Jaya and VijayA 
>as the DwAra PaalakAs . 
>The four sages are avadhUtha sanyAsis .
>Even if they are very old , they look like
>five year old boys . They are veterans 
>of the Chidh-Achidh-Isvara tattvams. 
>The dwaara paalakAs , who should know for better
>stopped the four "boys" with their canes 
>and interfered with their desire to have 
>Bhagavadh darsanam .BhAgavatham describes 
>the awakening of a little anger even in these 
>Brahma Jn~Anis this way :
>" Yeeshath kAmAnujEna sahasA tha 
>upapluthAkshA :"
>Sri NaarayaNa Bhaattadhiri in Srimadh NaarayaNIyam
>following the path shown by Srimadh BhAgavatham 
>states that the rare speck of anger arose 
>in the minds of the four MunisvarALs and 
>subsided quickly as the water that was heated 
>subsides with time :
>tEshAm cha chitthE padahm aapa kOpa:
>sarvam Bhavath prEraNaiva BhUman 
>The above lines of Srimadh NaarAyaNIyam
>( 11th Dasakam : SlOkam3 ) provides the 
>clue according to the tradition of 
>SukhAchArya in His Srimadh BhAgavatham .
>Sri Bhattdhiri asked Sri GuruvAyurappan:
>Is that what happened in Your Vaikuntam ,
>when the four sages came to visit You ?
>Bhagavaan Is said to have nodded with His head 
>and approved the veracity of that description .
>What is it that he approved ?
>" Sarvam Bhavath PrEraNaiva ".
>The Lord is addressed as BhUman here .
>He is saluted as the One , who is sarva
>VyApi . Bhattadhiri asks:
>Is it true that the arrival of the four sages
>to Your Sri Vaikuntam and being stopped by 
>Your gate Keepers and they being cursed by
>YOUR SANKALPAM ? Did the normal Brahma Jn~Anis
>lost their composure  because of Your prEraNai? 
>Is it because of Your wish to incarnate as 
>VarAha BhagavAn , Nrusimhan and RaamachandrA 
>that you sat as anthayAmi of these four sages 
>and encouraged them to curse Your nithya Suris ? 
>Is that why You changed the mind of Your
>servants from worshipping and welcoming 
>the sages and made them stop the Visitors 
>from having your darsanam ?
>The two Dwara paalakaas attained aasuric births
>and descended to the earth for BhagavAn's avathAra
>kaaryam .They begged for Hari SamaraNam during 
>their existence in the earth due to the curse.
>They were granted that boon by the four sages .
>The curse ( Srimadh BhAgavatham 3.15.34)
>was that they attain three asura Janmams
>known each of which was marked by KrOdham ,
>Kaamam and LObham rspectively . Each of these 
>three guNams will  be dominant (pradhAnyam ) 
>in each of these births. That is why Sukhar 
>points out that in their first birth as AsurA
>brothers , they were HiraNya Kasipu and HirantyAkshA
>known for their anger at the Lord . In the second 
>birth  ,they were RavaNA and KumbhakarNA known for 
>their kaamam (lust ); In the third birth , they 
>were SisupAlA and Dahntha VakrAs known for their 
>lObham . 
>BhagavAn and Jn~Anis are inseparable in terms of
>being objects of worship . Any aparAdham done to
>the Jn~Ani is equivalent to the apachAram done to 
>the Lord as indicatd by BhagavAn's own words:
>JnAnithvAthamaiva mE matham .Upanishad says:
>aathamaj~nam archayEth bhUthikAmA : ( One 
>who wants Isvaryam , any kind including 
>Moksha Isvaryam , should worship Jn~Anis
>like a sadAchAryan .
>That inmy humble opinion the story behind 
>the descent of the Jaya VijayAs as Asuraas
>for BhagavAn's avathAra Kaaryam .
>Without the Sanakaadhi MunisvarAs and the 
>Lord's prEraNai , there would be no 
>VarAha avathAram or VarAha sarama slOkam , 
>RaamAvatharam or His sarama SlOkam ,
>KrishNAvathAram and the Sarama slOkam 
>enshrined in Srimadh Bhagavadh GitA . 
>We have to thank Thiru ViNNagarappan ,
>the BhUman , the Bhumi piraatti Nathan 
>for His avathArams (decent from His
>parama padham ) to bless us for all 
>times to come thru SaraNAgathi thru
>a SadAchAryan .  
>>    mokshA is the state at which the dharmabhoota jn~Anam of the jIvAtmA
>>    is fully expanded & makes it act perfectly according to its svaroopam
>>    ie. uninterrupted bhagavad anubhavam & kainkaryam .This is ofcourse 
>>    possible only at Sri VaikuNTham .
>>    The curse to jayA & vijayA were given by maharishIs who were also 
>>    having connection with material body (ie. karmA in whatsoever amount 
>>    is still there with those maharishIs ) . These curses etc occurs only
>>    due to the connection with prakruti . There is no question of
>>    either cursing someone or making someone have connection with
>>    prakruti again at Sri vaikuNTham . Everything is made up of the
>>    material called "Suddha Sattvam" at Sri VaikuNTham & not even a trace
>>    of "prakruti" can be seen out there . 
>The general understanding of the curses by
>SanakA et al according to Srimadh BhAgaavtham 
>has been covered earlier.
>>    The meaning of "mokshA" is completely lost if someone says that a
>>    jIvAtmA that has obtained mokshA for now will come in contact with
>>    prakruti later , because of its "bad desires" to enjoy "prakruti"
>>    instead of serving nArAyaNA . This type of view referred as "fall
>>    down" of a jIvAtmA from Sri VaikuNTham to material world is not only a
>>    reality ( has no basis from sAstrAs) but also highly illogical for
>>    the following  reasons : 
>>    a. mokshA implies that one is going to have _permanent_ bliss due
>>       to the bhagavad anubhavam & kainkaryam to the Divya Dampati at Sri
>>       VaikuNTham . If the bliss is not permanent , then it is still not 
>>       "mokshA" .
>>    b. Sri VaikuNTham has only Suddha sattvam . There is no "source" for 
>>       a jIvAtmA to come up with a bad desire viz. to enjoy prakruti
>>       instead of serving nArAyaNA . Such a desire can happen _only_ when
>>       the jIvAtmA has connection with prakruti. Since there is no trace
>>       of prakruti in Sri VaikuNTham ,this is a complete impossibility.  
>>       Moreover , the dharmabhoota jn~Anam of the mukta jIvAtmA is
>>       completely expanded & it is already a sarvaj~nA .  
>>   There can't be many Sri vaikuNThams (ultimate abode/spritual abode) for
>>   the simple reason that a muktA is sarvaj~nA => he knows the happenings
>>   at any place & at any time. The presence of different Spiritual Worlds
>>   ie. multiple Sri VaikuNThams has the implication that a muktA in one
>>   Sri VaikuNTham doesn't know the happenings in another Sri VaikuNTham .
>>   This multiple Sri VaikuNTham theory has this implication because a 
>>   muktA in one Sri VaikuNTham performs bhagavad anubhavam & kainkaryam
>>   _only_ to Sriman nArAyaNA in one of His forms presiding in that Sri
>>   VaikuNTham & doesn't relate himself to other forms of Sriman nArAyaNA. 
>>   Since a muktA is sarvaj~nA, there is no meaning to such division of
>>   space.
>I guess you are referring to Kaarya Vaikuntam mentioned 
>by Sri mani VaradarAjan here . 
>General comments : many of the confusion come from 
>trying to develop a unified theory to accomodate 
>Sruthi , Smruthi , IthihAsAs , BHaagaavtha PurANAs and 
>Sthala PurANAs . Brilliant inturtive insights
>like the nature of Electricity following the
>Scientific parlance as explained by Sri Sudharsan
>cut thru a lot of pedantic lore and makes us
>appreciate the concepts clearly .
>Confusions inevitably arise , but , 
>when one reverts to Sruthis as PramANam , these 
>are resolved as shown by Swami Desikan following 
>his guru Paramparai . Some times , the sruthi 
>Vaakhyams are not easy to absorb and is not
>for one and all.Devotion to the ArchA murthys 
>of One's choice and MahA viswAsam in the Lord 
>of Sri Vaikuntam ( Thiru ViNNagarappan/
>AakAsa nagarIsan ) and SaraNAgathi at 
>a sadAchAryan's feet and having 
>Bhavyam thereafter would be the routes to
>paramAnandham in this earth and bliss of 
>nithya kaimkaryam in the other. 
>Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan 
>>Sarvam  Sri KrishnArpanamastu