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Re: kaNNan piRandhAn!

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 13:56:32 PDT

>     Dear  devotees,
>     Namo NArAyanA . pranAmams. 
>On Sat, 22 Aug 1998, Sri Sadagopan wrote:
>> For the Gaudiya VaishNavAs , Sri Guru and Gauranga are very
>> important tattvams . A Gaudiya VaishNavA beleives that his/her
>> only hope in approaching RadhA KrishNA is by surrender at 
>> the lotus feet of Guru and Gauranga . BhakthAs of this faith
>> beleive in SaraNAgathi and they beleive further that "slavery"
>> (nithya Kaimkaryam ) to the Infinity is the highest freedom
>> ( Muktha Jeevan ) . To them KrishNA is Maadhurya LilA ,which
>   " SaraNAgathi "  ie. "prapatti" as explained by SwAmi Desikan 
>   is very much different from  the "SaraNAgathi" that is referred
>   above as the action of Gaudiya VaishnavAs.
>   From SwAmi Desikan's exposition : 
>   Prapatti  has angAs & angIs , performed exactly once (with regard to a 
>   particular goal) & is basically a Shadanga yogA . The science of
>   prapatti can be understood only after the thorough knowledge of the
>   invaluable meanings of the most sacred "rahasya traya mantrAs" .
>   Prapatti is neither mere faith in the saving grace of Sriman nArAyaNA
>   nor a mere prayer to Him for protection/moksha . Prapatti doesn't mean
>   merely a surrendered life centred around serving Sriman nArAyaNA .
>   Prapatti encompasses all of this & is much much more . 
>   Though "SaraNAgathi" is in general used for denoting "surrender" ,
>   what all things that needs to be fulfilled in that surrender (for
>   moksham) is another issue .

Dear BhakthAs : It is not clear to me as to what 
the purpose of this posting is in the context of my 
response to another member regarding what the
Gaudiya VaishNavA believes and wh is Gauranga 
in their system  .If this posting by Sri Anaantha
PadmanAbhan is for my educational benefit on 
Sri VaishNavite SaraNAgathi Tattvams ,I welcome it
as input form a knowledgable person . One can and has 
to learn thru out one's life from scholars. I am sure that
I did not suggest that the "SaraNAgathi" concept in
Gaudiya VaishNavism is the SAME as that of Sri ViashNavAs 
of one kalai or other believe in .If this posting  is out of 
concern for those , who may be misled or confused ,
that is a noble act worthy of thanks.

Either way , it is a thoughtful note like many 
other notes by Sriman Anantha Padmanaabhan  
to help all of us understand precisely the esoteric
aspects of our SiddhAntham .