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Re: kaNNan piRandhAn! - 2

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 13:56:39 PDT

>On Sat, 22 Aug 1998, Sri Sadagopan wrote:
>> In summary , GaurangA is the Combined form of 
>> Sri KrishNA ( VrajEsvarA ) and Sri RadhA RaaNi( Nappinnai?).

This question mark within the paranthesis was
intended as reference to some , who equate
Nappinnai to RadhA RaaNi. I should have explained that
a little more precisely . I might have given the 
impression that I have some doubts about this 
realtionship /identity . I was making an academic point
about the fundamental beliefs of Gaudiya VaishNavites ,
independent of anyone's value judgement questioning its
authenticity or veracity.   

It is old hat however for knowledgable Sri VaishNavAs 
that Nappinnai is identical to NiLA DEvi . Regret my imprecision 
here in not using one more sentence to state that some 
ViashNavAs believe that RadhA is Napinnai .   
>   adiyen asked Sri U.Ve.VillUr KarunAkaran swAmy about the identity of 
>   nappinnai pirAtti & Smt rAdhA . Based on swAmi's response : 
>   " Smt rAdhA is certainly not nappinnai pirAtti . They are two different
>personalities , as evident from the purAnAs. Smt rAdhA is not mentioned
>in either Srimad BhAgavatham or Vishnu purAnam & the like. In pAdma
>purAnam  , she is mentioned as one of the gopIs & her origin is traced
>to "GolOkA" (ie. KrishNalokA) , one amongst the lOkAs that are presided by
>Sriman nArAyaNA through His vibhava avatArams " .

Nappinnai is not mentioned in Bhaagavatham or 
VishNu purANam etal . According to the opinion of
my fellow villager , play mate and friend of our family for
many years , Sri KaruNAkaran Swamy , I have to interpolate
then that Nappinnai belongs to GolOkam (i-e) KrishNa lokam
as well referred to above . ANDAL however appeals to 
Nappinnai in ThiruppAvai in this "gOlOkam "and I have 
to assume that She is an amsam of MahA Lakshmi , 
Since KrishNA is the Vibhava avathAram of 
Sriman NaarAyaNA .

About Jaya and VijayA and their "descent" 
to earth as a result of the curse etc , 
I will write separately . That is going 
to be a long one !