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# 1 Divya Desam = Ahobilam
Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 09:03:27 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,

In my earlier posting on Tiru Allik Keni, I referred to the special
significance of  Bhagavad Gita Charamaslokam  and mentioned that it was not
delivered by Sri Ranganatha, Sri Srinivasa, Sri Varadaraja or Sri Tirunarayana
but was delivered by Lord Krishna as Parthasarathi.

But, let us see who carries out this promise of Sri Parthasarathi in practical
terms. It is Sri Lakshmi Nrisimha of Ahobilam who descended not only from his
Paramapadam but also from the top of Ahobilam mountain to enter into every
village and indeed every hearth and home of his bhaktas (through Dolai) to
extend his hand of protection by inducing them to perform Saranagathi and
accepting it on the spot !

If you can possibly go to "Senru Kandarkku Ariya Singavezh Kundrame" Ahobilam,
a place hard to reach and see - well and good. And if you can stay just for
one night there, You are assured of what you need. 

This is declared in the Sthalapuranam as follows:
Kaasyaam Yuga Sahasraani Prayaage Yuga Vimsathi /
Gayaayaam Yuga Sathamschaiva Vaseth Dinam Ahobile //
What benefit one can expect to derive by staying at Kasi for a 1000 Yugas, at
Prayaga in 20 Yugas,  at Gaya for 100 Yugas, one derive the same benefit by
staying just for ONE DAY at Ahobilam"

It is said in Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam that Lord Rama felt sorry that the
Maharishis had to walk unto him even a few steps and told them that if they
had sent word he himself would have rushed to their place.

Lord Lakshmi Nrisimha does not even wait for this kind of call from his
Bhaktas; He literally calls on them on his own through his Sancharams to save
them. He is always seen with Paduka adorning his feet  ever ready to rush to
the homes of his devotees to bestow Moksham on them.

That is why, he commanded Adhi Vann Satakopa -
"Graame Graame Gathvaa Mama Padakamala Nathaan Maam Griheethvaa Abhiraksha"
"Take me  and go from village to village to afford protect those who pray at
my feet "

We donít have to go to him; Just think of him;  He comes to us risght then and
there for granting us Moksha in terms of Sri Parthasarathiís Charamasloka! 

Did not Swami Desika say about Lord Nrisimha " Yadruchaa Hareh" meaning "One
who presents himself the very moment you think of him". 

Who has more Soulabhyam than Sri Lakshmi Nrisimhan in spite of his reatining
his Paratvam ! 
You know why?
"Partvam Kandu Anjaamaikku Soulabhyam / Soulabhyam Kandu Igazhaamaikku
He exhibits his Soulabhyam lest you should be scared away seeing his Paratvam;
He exhibits his Paratvam lest you should think him to be too cheap seeing his
easy accessibility"

Considering this, it is only appropriate at the time of our celebrating the
600th Anniversary of the Ahobila Matam that Ahobilam  IS THE NUMBER  ONE
Divya Desam.

Anbil Ramaswamy
P.S: Dear Sri Ramesh,
Hope I have answered  your concern that no one was voting for Ahobilam as 
# 1 Divya Desam !
Anbil Ramaswamy