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Re:Smt Viji's post on #1 Divya Desam

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 21:58:52 PDT


Dear Smt Viji,

It was an excellent, moving, personal, cute, short and sweet post (as usual
from you). The personal incident that had happened in your grand father's
life which gave your father 'Seshadri' name, brings me memories of an
incident from my life, back in '93. It was in Saudi, when I was working
there. The punishment for cutting the red signal (while driving) is 3 days
of imprisonment. I thought I had driven when it was yellow. But the police
argued that it was red (in arabic, which I never understood until, he pushed
me into a cell). I telephoned my manager, who along with the MD  and the
local sponsor (a chief sheikh) came to see me to see something can be done
to take me out. That was at 7.00 pm on a wednesday and thursday, friday are
holidays (weekend). The sponsor (though was quite wealthy and influential)
was told the rule is a rule and I need to stay put for three days. In fact,
our british business development manager was inside for 3 days previous
week. Hence, that was a losing battle. 

I blamed my fate- asked the police to inform my family and sat down,
reciting Vishnu sahasra naamam. That was at 8 pm. After finishing
Sahasranaamam, I told myself "Hey Ranga! If ever Your really exist, let me
see now. I need to get out of this place before 9 p.m. today.". And again,
second time, and third time, Vishnu sahasranaamam. 8.45- there was a click.
The door opened. A police and behind him, was yet another sheikh calling me
"Are you Cannon?" (KaNNan?). I simply nodded in bewilderment, thinking that
they are taking me to some other "veloor" jail. He told the police, release
him and introduced himself to me as so & so, the owner of a rent-a car
company (by name hala). He was told by a Superintendent of police who got
this information from his brother, who was having his dinner with his
colleague (welding technician), staying in our camp. 

My wife, Brindha had causally gone to his house to check if any help is
possible by him to get me out. That did the trick.

And Sri RanganAthan, proved Himself, even to this incorrigible sinner, the
lowly self, that HE DOES EXIST.

Ranga Ranga


Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

P.S. 1. Even before Sri SadagOpan, starts his series on Oppiliappan, he has
ranked #1 for Sri RanganAthan, by narrating an incident and also saying that
it is NamperumAL's Divya MangaLa vigraham and His smiling face that Sri
SadagOpan remembers when he does his japam, everyday. Now any amunt of his
writings can not undo this #1 ranking by Sri VS.

2. Sri Balaram, had asked as to who will win and which AzhwAr should be
considered? Actually all 108 Divya Deams win and All AzhwArs's
aruLiccheyalgaL are to be considered. Not by numbers; then NammAzhwAr and
Thirumangaimannan will win. Not by just essence and short and sweet
pAsurams; then ThiruppANAzhwAr will win. All are to be equally placed.