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Thiruvaaymozhi 9.5- At least let this world NOT suffer that I undergo!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Sep 01 1998 - 21:00:45 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr could actually see the Lord (in his heart) in the last ten. But 
now, AzhwAr gets into piraaTTi bhAvam when he laments for seeing Him 
physically with his eyes. "She" (Parangusa nAyaki) expresses her 
languishing and sufferings. More so, when she sees the birds, bees, in 
pairs enjoying their togetherness. She immerses herself in Emperumaan's 
kalyANA guNAs and also her repulsion on "other" stuff. (this ten is the 
most favourite of Emperumaanar Sri Ramanujacharya as reported by  
Thiruvaranga perumAL araiyar.)

1. Oh cuckoo! You and your beloved male cuckoo are enjoying your 
togetherness, by singing so happily. I am suffering with terrible pains 
from pangs of separation from Bhagawaan. Please do not enjoy in my 
presence. You are not taking mercy on me to call KaNNan with your sweet 
voice. On the other hand, you appear to be taking my jIvan off with your 
happy singing shrills. Should you, too do that on me?

2. oh bird ("anRil")! You are so happy with your male bird. You are not 
able to separate from your mate even for a moment. Your shouting and 
calling each other increases my "viraha" thaapam. It makes me suffer 
more. It seems, you want to finish me off with your such strategies. 
That greatest Lord Govindhan- isn't He for no one? Only He has my life 
and jIvan. So I need not beg you, since He has my life itself.

3. Oh "anRil" bird! (again the same "anRil"). You and your loving mate 
are enjoying the company of each other, talking and playing with each 
other. When I see all that, that reminds me more of my lover, who has 
got my life itself with Him. And I am suffering here getting myself 
caught with my karmic diseases. Will my jIvan stay here? No. What will I 
say and How will I survive even after hearing all your sweet nothings?

4. Oh Peahens! Even after hearing your yelling (Peacocks' sound is 
generally quite vociferous), KaNNan, the Lord of most wonderful 
attributes and qualities, has NOT appeared. Please do not aggravate my 
pains of sufferings furthermore by shouting like that, joining with your 
peacocks. Your shrill shouts exert me more. I have deeply fallen in love 
with KaNNan and have lost my thoughts, talking and actions in Him. This 
body of mine and the jIvan in it are only troubling me, (in between me 
and my Lord).

5. My "poovai" birds! Why do "you"  trouble me? Even after being my 
pets, you still make me suffer with your sweet voice like all others. 
Please do not let me suffer and stop blabbering with your sweet voice. 
That Lord is the One who controls all seven worlds and has in His hands; 
He is the One who has the most Beautiful chest in which PiraaTTI lives. 
I think He is waiting for an appropriate time to completely finish me 
off. There is no news for you, hence. (Go away.)

6. Oh my dear little parrot! Even you, my dearest pet is killing me. You 
are taught to utter His name when I can bear hearing His name not when I 
am already languishing and suffering with great viraha thaapam. On the 
contrary, you are now continuously uttering my Lord's names and are 
aggravating my pains. Please do not call His names. When I see your 
beautiful red beak, that colour reminds me of Emperumaan's red lips. 
Even His palms, Hands, Feet are pink in colour like that of red Lotus. 
Like you, He also has got that greenish colour in His body. ("pacchai 
maa malai pOl mEni- pavaLa vaay kamalach che~ngaN"). Such Beautiful Lord 
is my dearest "Kaakusthan" Sri Raman; He united with me and now He has 
simply deserted me, pushed me here, left me suffering here and 
languishing for Him. Hence, please do not utter His names. 

7. Oh Group of clouds! Please do not show yourself to me with your form 
and dark colour. That immediately reminds me of my KaNNan. He is the Red 
Lotus eyed, Red Coral mouthed Beauty. He united with me, showed me great 
happiness and enjoyment and now He has deserted me here. Oh Clouds (who 
look like my Maaya kaNNa Piraan in your colour)! You show the brightest 
lightning like the bow. The lightning in blue sky appears to me like the 
Kausthubham (which gives His blue coloured body more brightness). Hence, 
you all have come in groups and kill me with your colour and brightness 
and remind me of my Lord and His separation from me. You all, thus have 
become yaman for me. 

8. Oh young tiny cuckoos! Even after my telling you all not to utter 
KaNNan's name and trouble me, still you continue to utter His names and 
are causing great pains to my heart. His name is the yaman for my mind. 
(means: that has been tormenting me terribly.) Is it for this pain and 
suffering I reared you up. I gave you milk-rice, fruits, curd, etc.. to 
let you trouble me like this? Is this your nature of repaying me for all 
that I gave?

9. Oh bees! Please do not hum with your sweet voice. It really kills me. 
When I am here suffering terribly with the pangs of separation, your 
sweet humming aggravates the pain and it is like piercing the wound with 
a sharp nail. Please stop hurting me. My Emperumaan's Most Beautiful 
eyes are like the large bloomed red lotuses on a cool big pure lovely 
pond. That beauty - KaNNan has completely drunk my life and gone now. 
When I am suffering from that separation, your musical humming 
aggravates my pain, further.

10. Oh Cranes! There is no use of your coming in such groups! I am going 
to be finished now, being separated from Emperumaan. (My life is going 
to end). I have started to proceed towards Parama padham to join Him. I 
have already been united with Him. Hence, do not lament here, coming in 
such groups. Even my body, that has worn good beautiful ornaments, has 
now become dry and pale due to "pasalai" (the "poetic" disease of 
getting lean and pale due to separation from the lover). At least let 
this world NOT SUFFER like what I have been suffering. Let the worlds 
live even if I perish due to my separation from the Lord! (sort of 
Similar to ThondaradippodiAzhwAr's "en seyghEn ulagattheerE!")

11. Emperumaan's kalyANa guNAs have spanned everywhere in the universe, 
and makes the whole universe blissful. SravEshwran has blessed Sri 
SadagOpar to enable him to sing in praise of Him till the final moment. 
He has sung 1000 pAsurams on the SarvEshwaran and His kalyANa guNAs. 
This (nine + one) ten verses will let its listeners and the three world 
melt, (if they hear them).  Means: jnAnis, ignorant, intelligent, 
non-intelligent- everyone will be immersed in Bhagawadh prEmam and will 
melt with that. (Please note: nine pAsurams here narrate AzhwAr's 
sufferings, and the tenth talks about his perishing due to his 

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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