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Re: Rangaramanuja Upa-bhasyas

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Sep 01 1998 - 17:45:12 PDT

Dear Sriman Balaji Hebbar :

How very moving to read your note 
and expression of interst to publicize 
the works of Sri VaishNavite AchArya ,
Sri RangaraamAnuja Mahaa Desikan .
It will be a great honor for me to do so .

These texts have disappeared from 
circulation and it is important to preserve 
them in the Cyber archives for 
future scholars . Your expression of 
interest to work with Sri Vaishnava Community 
on publicizing the gems of commentaries 
from both sampradhAyams is very much 
appreciated.The forthcoming celebration 
of the 600th anniversary of the Founding 
of the Ahobila Mutt at Ahobilam has sessions
on other darsanams . 

Most recently , we completed an Extended demo CD ROM
on AchArya RaamAnujA , His granthams and Sri Vaishnava 
AarAdhanam . The section on the nine great works of
Acharya RaamAnujA will cover extensively the 
Upanishadic intrepretation of AchArya RaamAnujA 
in the VedAntha Granthams sections . 

Please feel free to take the initative 
in consultation with Professor M.G.Prasad .
I will help in my own small way . 
The topic by the very nature of its
specialization and esoteric nature 
might not be of interest to many .
The few , who are intersted can get tgether
and learn about the fine points of each
sampradhAyam dispassionately .

We have scheduled Srimadh Bhagavatham as a topic
for the May 1999 sessions at the Pittsburgh
temple for the two day annual conference .
Perhaps some where between now and May 1999 ,
we can put together a team to focus on
this area .
Kindest Regards,
  At 08:41 PM 8/29/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear  Mr. Sadagopan:
>Many  thanks  for  your  kind  reply.  I  strongly  believe  in  
>Vaishnava  unity.  I  am  a  MAdhva-Vaishava.  I  feel  that  the  
>Advaitins  have  an  unnecessary  edge  over  us  precisely  because  of  
>the  lack  of  access  to  Upanisad-bhASHyas  written  by  the  AcAryas  
>of  our  two  traditions.  Anything  that  is  ViShiSHTAdvaita  or  
>Dvaita  we  must  make  the  efforts  to  publicize.  In  fact,  toward  
>this  end,  I  wish  to  work  with  the  Sri-Vaishnava  community  in  
>the  US.  Otherwise,  all  our  wealth  is  useless!!!  I  think  we  
>should  bring  about  a  rapproachment  between  our  two  communities  
>by  having  a  conference  on  South  Indian  Vaishnavism.  My  friend  
>Mr.M.G.Prasad  of  NJ  is  eager  about  this  too.  If  you  folks  are  
>interested,  I  shall  ask  our  organization  the  VMS  (Vishva  Madhva  
>Sangha)  to  get  this  moving  in  this  direction.  RangarAmAnuja's  
>UpaniShad  bhASHyas  MUST  be  published  in  English  at  all  costs!
>Yours  in  Vaishnava  Unity