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Extended CD ROM on AchArya RaamAnujA arrived today here .

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Sep 01 1998 - 18:32:27 PDT

Dear Bhagavadh RaamAnuja SiddhAntha SampradAyins :

I am moved beyond words to have seen the fruits of the 
extraordianry efforts  by the AnanthA Research Foundation
to develop and deliver against unbelievable time pressures
the above CD ROM of high artistic and spirtual content as
a tribute to AchArya RaamAnujA .Sriman NaarAyaNA and 
MahA Lakshmi have blessed this kaimkaryam . Please remember 
that it is an extended demo focussing on two areas :
(1) AchAryA's Nine granthams (2) Sri VaishNava AarAdhanam
as prescribed by AchAryA RaamAnujA in his Nithya Grantham .
Lot more details on the individual granthams will be added 
in the complete version under the sub-sections " Tell me more ".
When it is finished , this CD ROM  will be a mini-reference
manual at one level and most pleasing to look at (images )
and wonderful audio on the slOkams and Vedam as well as
Divya Prabhandha Saatthumurai . Thus it should be of interest 
to BhakthAs at every level in their spiritual pursuits .  

If the appropriate desk top equipment ( Mutimedia Computer)
is avialable , those of you attending the 600th anniversary 
of the Founding of Ahobila Mutt at Stirling , NJ can see it
on Sunday , September 6 in the afternoon . 

I want to thank now the 22 BhAgavathAs , who came forward 
to provide $3,275 support against the needed $4,000 for
preparing the Extended Demo Version as a taste of things
to come . $1,008 of the above funds came from a group 
of Nine BhakthAs from Bahrain , another $1,008 came from 
one BhakthA in USA and the remaining $1,259 was contributed
by Twelve BhakthAs of the Bhakthi List from USA and 
Singapore . My salutations to all of these 22 BhagavathAs 
for such generous response .

Although I am surprised at the lack of adequate response 
from this group devoted to the understanding of Sri VaishNavism 
and the works of AzhwArs and AchAryAls , I continue 
to believe that they will come thru during the next few 
weeks to help raise the remaining funds needed to 
complete this unique Kaimkaryam .I am one of those
eternal optimists in BhagavAn's anugrahams .
He has gotten us this far and he will guide us 
thru the rest of the way .

Please send your contributions and pledges , 
if you have not already done so to
Sriman Dileepan . I thank you in advance . The 
MahOpakAram done by the group of Scholars in Mysore 
and Melkote affilaited with the Anantha Research 
Foundation is some thing that we can not repay .
When you see the images of ThiruvenkatamudayAN
and ThirunArAyaNA of Melkote and see the steps 
of Bhagavadh AarAdhanam demonstrated step by step ,
you will agree with me about the need for all of us 
to rally to support this type of kaimkaryam to the best
of our abilities .Please contact me , if you need 
addiitonal information on this project . 

NamO NaarAyaNaaya ,
AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan