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satvika tyagam
Date: Tue Sep 01 1998 - 03:39:33 PDT

Srinivasa ParabrahmaNE nama:
RAmanujaya nama:
Sriman Nigamantha Vedantha Maha DEsikaya nama:

Dear Mani:  Thank you for your correction and pointing out the first part of
Tyagam.  At the same time how do you interpret the words swasmei and
One can derive pleasure in serving God.
(Nedathur Narasimhachari)

Dear Bhaktas:  I have been follwing the discussion on the Number One Spot for
Divya Desam and the votes for it.  I have in my last 2 trips to India made
pilgrimage to Divya Kshetrams in Srirangam, Kumbhakonam and around
Tirunelveli.  I went to the temple from the top of which RAmAnuja declared the
Ashtakshara Mantra.  Each 
place evoked the rich history and the grandeur of the place.  We all have our
own Ishta Devathas and Sriman NArAyanA is the presiding Deity in each of these

I am very much impressed with Sri Sadagopan's description of his Anubhava and
spiritual experience in Guruvayur, Srirangam and Thirumala.  I have had a
similar experience in Thirumala when I stood almost in a trance before the
Lord, the temple servants did not push me off and allowed me to stay
undisturbed for 5 minutes.
I was a volunteer priest in our local temple in Richmond VA and occasionaly I
substtute for the regular priest now.  When I do the Abhishekam and Shodasa
Upachara Puja for Lord Venkateswara I can feel his Vatsalya.  I see the glow
in His 
eyes.  The bhaktas are able to appreciate my  sincere devotion and
during the Puja.  
I am sure most of you might have heard of this story of Nedathur Ammal, uncle
Swami Desikan.  He got the title or name Ammal because of Matru vatsalya he
showed in his service of the Lord.  Bhaktas may please correct me if this
I have heard is wrong.