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Re: Yogurt for Ekadashi

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Mon Sep 29 1997 - 18:12:53 PDT

I would like to add the following to Sri K. Sreekrishna Tatachar's
suggestions about foods to consume on Ekadasi days.

I checked the "Ahnikagrantham" written by Srimad Azhgaiyasingar in HH's
poorvaasramam, for possible references to what sort of foods are
permissible for Ekadasi.  I did not find any direct reference.  This, IMHO,
is to be expected as the only intake allowed on Ekadasi days is water.

However, I was able to find an indirect reference to this subject in a
section that deals with Sravana Dvadasi.  In fact the Dvadasi two weeks ago
was a Sravana Dvadasi.  At that time Sri Sadagopan clarified that those who
are not capable of a two-day fast must observe complete fast on the Sravana
Dvadasi day in stead of the Ekadasi day.  The Ahnikagrantham confirms this.
 In such instances, the text adds, the intake on the preceding Ekadasi day
must not be inconsistent with Ekadasi vratham.  Only foods such as milk,
roots, and fruits should be consumed on the Ekadasi day and a complete fast
must be observed on the following Sravana Dvadasi day.

>From the above it can be construed that those who are unable to observe a
complete fast on Ekadasi days in general, may consume foods that fall under
the three categories mentioned above.

Anyway, I think most people just avoid rice on Ekadasi days, thats all.

As far as benefits of Ekadasi vradham, I like to think the spiritual
benefits far out weigh any physical benefits.

Personally, I find week-day Ekadasis easier to observe since work takes my
mind off my belly.  On the other hand, it is the pang of hunger that
reminds me of the spiritual nature of the fast.

-- adiyEn