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Srimad Paundarikapuram Ashramam Kainkaryam
Date: Fri Sep 26 1997 - 12:07:51 PDT

Dear Friends,

This is a short note to thank all the contributors for their generous 
donations for the above mentioned Kainkaryam. A total of $300 was 
received by Jaganath and myself from members of our group.  Srimans 
Sampath Rengarajan, Anbil Ramaswamy and myself directly remitted our 
respective contributions to the Ashramam. I am pleased to report that 
the one week long celebration of the Purvacharya Tirunakshatram 
(Aug 9-16, 1997) was a grand success. Several learned scholars 
participated in the Sadas. The conference proceedings containing 
articles in five languages (Devanagari, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and 
English) will be released shortly. Another publication containing 
several important Nitya Aradhana Krama Mantrams was released 
on the occassion of the 151st Tirunakshatram of Sri ViNNaRRangarai 
Srinivasa Mahadesikan, the founding father of the Ashramam. 

The Ashramam has 54 Salagramams for which H.H. Srimad Andavan Swamigal 
performs daily Aradhanam. Such a place is equivalent to a Divya 
Desham, where Azhwars have rendered Mangalasasanams. The publication 
mentioned above contains several Mantrams recited by Swamigal while 
performing Salagrama Aradhanam. During my recent visit to India, I 
was blessed with the good fortune to attend the morning Tiruvaradhanam 
on a Dvadasi day, when the asterism of Rohini was in the ascendant. 
Rohini, which is the Janma Nakshatram of H.H. Srimad Andavan Swamigal 
(Panguni Rohini), is sacred because it is the Janma Nakshatram of Lord 
Krishna and Tiruppan Azhwar. It was delightful to witness H.H. Srimad 
Andavan Swamigal perform Aradhanam for the Salagramams to the 
accompaniment of Vedam and Prabandha Parayanam. Desika Mangalam 
recitation is an important feature of the Tiruvaradhanam. The 
publication mentioned above contains several Mantrams recited during  
Tiruvaradhanam at Srimad Paundarikapuram Ashramam. Receiving Perumal 
teertham and Teertham offered to the Padhukas of Purvacharyas 
made me feel blessed and wonder what I was doing on this side of the 

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy         

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