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RE: Prapatti-spice news

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Thu Sep 25 1997 - 18:15:53 PDT

Mr. Krishna Kalale writes:

>Having said this, it is interesting to note that our previous president
>Shankar Dayal Sharma, being in a difficult occupation, has taken a
>different route in his life.  He and his wife have taken "samasrayanam" and
>"prapatti" under srimad Andavan (srimushnam). I do not think that he is
>srivaishnava by birth.  He, it seems speaks fluent sanskrit.  I even saw
>some of his photographs with Andavan and Azhagiasingar.  It is quite
>remarkable that such a politician who could end up in so many different
>merry-making hobbies after being president has changed the course of his
>life to not to get into this life-death-rebirth-cycle altogether!

The western quote that "the Lord moves in mysterious ways" is certainly
appropriate in these interesting turn of events, and those that Sri
Venkatesh presented to us a few days ago:

>The Chief Minister, Mr. M. Karunanidhi, today said he and his party were
>prepared to accept `spiritualism' if it could help radiate the glory of Tamil
>Addressing a function organised by the Azhwargal Aaivu Maiyam (Centre for
>research on Azhwars) at the Kalaivanar Arangam here, the Chief Minister,
>cited how the ardent champion of rationalism E.V.Ramasami welcomed the
>performance of Tamil archanas in temples.
>Mr. Karunanidhi dwelt at length on the subject of spiritualism after
>Mr.R.M.Veerappan, president of MGR Kazhagam, defended his admiration for
>the great `acharya', Ramanujar.

These unique incidents can only be a reminder to us that our inclinations
towards Him are not necessarily due to our own efforts, but are the fruit of
His own labors. What else could explain the sudden change of heart in these
notorious political leaders?