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Sadhana Path - II

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Date: Thu Sep 25 1997 - 06:54:34 PDT


A SADHAK is one -

 Who knows his SADHYA (Goal); 
 who has fixed and settled his PATH OF SADHANA to reach the goal; 
 who is conscious of the SADHAN (the body); and 
 who marches on the path of Sadhana, and endeavours to climb higher and

Fundamental knowledge does not present any difficulty or doubt in
understanding it. Nor is the path of Sadhana difficult to practise. 
However, the environments in which we live and the cumulative effect of our
past deeds have their tremendous influence on the mind and keep us ignorant
of our real SELF, and forgetful of the Path of Sadhana.  In order to be
steady and steadfast in our SADHANA we must study Holy Books (SADGRANTH)
regularly everyday and thus go on hammering the basic formulae (SUTRA) to
make them a part of our disposition (SWABHAV).


Undoubtedly the whole of the nectar in a lake is useful, yet it is not
necessary, nor possible, to drink the whole of it. Llkewise, we have to
pick and choose one or two of the Holy Books, the philosophy of which is in
accord with our faith, convictions, aptitude and circumstances;  select
from them some verses which will guide us in implementing SADHANA day-in
and day-out; and  analytically group them so as to chalk out a weekly
course for refreshing and contemplation.

This manual of SADHANA PATH is based on (Part-1) Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and
(Part-II) Shri Ram Charita Manas, which are complete codes of conduct and
which derive authority from Bhagavan Shri Krishna Himself and Bhagavan Shri
Shiv Himself, respectively.  They have become most popular evidently
because of the clarity and simplicity in the exposition of the Science of
Divine life and in the imparting of such Technology of Divine Life as is
practicable for every man and woman.


The Science of Divine Life and the Technology of Divine Life as contained
in this Manual may be briefly introduced thus:


Existence of PARAMATMA (the Lord) is a matter of faith based on
experience.  HE is transcendental and immanent at the same time. There is
nothing beyond Him; He transcends everything; He Is immanent everywhere,
formless or with form; He is omniscient and omnipotent; He is full of
beauty and sweetness ; He is ocean of grace and mercy; He is ocean of
love.  Whatever happens, happens in obedience to HIS auspicious Law which
is based on Justice and Mercy.

The World (JAGAT)
Whatever is perceptible by the senses is JAGAT (World) in which everything
is ephemeral and transient. Things and beings as such are neither
attractive nor repulsive, neither pleasant nor painful.  However, it is our
attitude towards them which makes them so.

The Soul (JIVATMA)
JIVATMA (the soul) is a particle of PARMATMA and, therefore, inherently
immortal, pure, self-illuminous, and full of bliss.  ATMA stands out quite
distinct from the body.  But, because of AVIDYA (ignorance of the real
self) the soul has been deluded to identify itself with the body and this
has produced 'I'-ness (AHAMTA) and 'Mineness (MAMATA).  From these emanate
desires (KAMANA), which go on multiplying in geometrical progression.  All
these cause bondage. Salvation, therefore, means emancipation from "I" and
"Mine".  Pleasure, pain, fear, desire, greed, anger etc. are experienced in
the ego-sense (AHAM) of the body, not in the ATMA.  Avidya is the result of
forgetfulness of the real self.

Believe in the Lord ; Know the world ; Realise the self.


In every activity, thought and word of a man Of the world" is reflected the
feeling "I am this" and "This is mine"; while in every thought, action or
word of a SADHAK (man of Divine Life) is manifested the steadfast
conviction "I am His"; "He is mine"; "everything is His"; "every being is

These are the four pillars on which the entire superstructure of SADHANA is
built up.

"Everything is His".  
The Lord is the proprietor of everything.  We must recognise this and
rejoice.  Accordingly we must surrender unto Him, whatever we do, and
whatever we "have( i.e. whatever He has made "available" to us and of which
we are, therefore, a trustee and as such under the obligation to use it
properly but not to misuse it).

"Every being is HIS"
And, HE is present within every being.  We must not bear ill-will or hatred
towards any one.  Since every one is related to us through HIM, we must
serve everyone with non-attachment. The panacea for all ills of worldly
life and the secret of metamorphosing worldly life into divine life lies in
dedicating all thoughts, actions, words and belongings to the Lord.

He is our Master; we are mere instruments in His Hands.  He is the showman,
we are mere puppets.  The key lies in the merger of the individual with in
the divine will.  By prostrating before the Lord the SADHAK delivers
himself over to the Lord.  By worshipping Him with faith and devotion we
get merged in our Lord.

"He is mine"
He is our Father, Mother, Preceptor, Brother and all.  Love of the Lord is
the goal.  To be loved by the Lord is the goal.  When our mind and heart
will incessantly and uniterruptedly be soaked in divine love, the same will
be reflected and manifested in all our thoughts, actions and words.

- to be contd.