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Sri Azhagiya Singar"s AruL MozhigaL --Part 3

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Sep 22 1997 - 18:59:21 PDT

Dear BhakthAs of GodhA Piratti :

In this final part , I will complete the essence of 
THiruppAvai as revealed to us by H.H . The 44th 
Jeeyar of AhObila Mutt .


16. NAYAKANAAI : This paasuram teaches us that the Lord 
with the flag of Garudan is the One , who removes all of the sins
of a SaraNAgathA and blesses that jivan with unsurpassed bliss
in Sri Vaikuntam . It teaches further that we should correct those , 
who are prevented from approaching the Lord and help them 
access the Lord through SaraNAgathi . 

17. AMBARAME TANNEERE :  The seventeenth paasuram asks
us to respond to human misery appropriately even after taking
refuge in the Lord through SaraNAgathi . It suggests that in 
diffcult times , we should perform anna dhAnam to relieve 
the hunger of the poor , provide water and butter milk during 
the hot season to allay the thirst of the suffering and donate 
clothes to the needy and help . 

18 . UNDHU MADHALIRRIN :  The eighteenth paasuram hints
that the men and women independent of their status and 
wealth should offer their shAshtAnga namaskArams twice
a day to their parents and in-laws . 

19 . KUTTHU VILAKKERIA :  The ninteenth paasuram relates 
to the need for us to perform our daily duties with a pure heart 
during the day and to lie in a clean bed without theettu and
yecchil at night and meditate on the Lord in a manner of  
our choice and then sleep . 

20 . MUPPATTHU MOOVAR :  Twentieth paasuram suggests that 
we should rise before  dawn , perform our anushtaanams , open
the door of the Koil azhwAr and recite the ten thiruppaLLIyezucchi
paasurams of Thondaradipodi and wake up the Lord ; thereafter , 
we should offer our shAshtAnga namaskarams to Him and 
receive His blessings for engagement in the daily activities .

21 . YERRA KALANGAL :  The twenty first verse suggests that
we should offer our salutations to the Lord by remembering 
His blessed parents as well through the words of Sage Valmiki 
" KousalyA SuprajA RaamA " and prostrate ourselves before Him .

22 . ANGANMAA J~NAALATTHARASAR : Twenty second verse reminds
us that we should bend low before Bhagavan and His BahgavathAs
to indicate that we are casting aside our egos and then prostrate 
before them .

23 . MAARI MALAI MUZHAIJIL : The twenty third paasuram recommends 
that during the time of festivals at the temples , we should enjoy 
the majestic gait of the Lord as he is taken around and take in
the beauty of Him as He offers us His darsanam , while seated
on His throne attended to by sevakaas on foursides performing 
fan kaimkaryam .

24 . ANRI IVVULAHAMALANTHAAI : The twenty fourth paasuram 
entreats us to reflect with feeling over the many sufferings that
our Lord underwent in His avathArams such as reducing Himself 
to the status of a beseecher of favors while asking for a gift of 
three steps of land as VamanA , losing His kingdom ,
when born as the son of DasarathA , roaming in wild forests , 
surviving on roots , fruits and  tubers and being born as 
the offspring of a pillar in HiraNyakasipu's court , which had 
no name , kulam or gothram during NrusimhAvathAram . 
We should reflect with gratitude and sing His praise over 
the sufferings that He went through to protect His bhakthAs
and destroy the unrighteous . 

25 . ORUTTHI MAHANAAI PIRANDHU :  The twenty fifth paasuram 
asks us to consider " VaasudEva: Sarvam " and" ninrathellAm 
nedumAl " and to get deeply identified with the thought that 
all chEtanAs and achEthanAs are BhagavAn's sareeram . 
It asks us to wonder where the Lord is hiding and how He
is testing us from there and to cope with these anxieties by 
considering " VaasudEva: sarvam " and achieve peace of mind.

26 . MAALE MANIVANNAA : The twenty sixth paasuram asks us 
to be strict followers of saastraic injunctions and not to devise
our own ways to intrepret saasthrAs to suit our convenience .
It asks us not to be thaan-thOnRis and not to engage in 
activities prohibited by saasthrAs . 

27 . KOODAARAI VELLUM:  The twenty seventh paasuram 
asks us to think while dressing ourselves that this body 
is that of the Lord and therefore we are honoring it through 
beautifications . It asks us to partake  food recommended by
saasthrAs  only after offering it to the Lord .

28 . KARAVAIGAL PIN SENRU :  This paasuram asserts that
we can get BhagavAn's anugrahams only through gaining
saastraic knowledge at the feet of one's AchAryA  followed by 
performing the anushtAnams and manthrOpadesams taught 
by them . 

29. SIRRAMSIRUKAALE :  The twenty ninth paasuram reveals 
that all of us , whether we are of different castes , aasthikAs 
or naasthikAs , pandithAs or simple folks ( paamarAs ) ,
Hindus or Muslims or Christians or Sri VaishNavAs , we
are ALL the dasa bhUthAs or property of Sriman NaarAyaNA . 
Even if we wish to discard Him or He wishes to discard us ,
the relationship between us and Him can not be cut asunder .
One who understands this cardinal and unbreakable 
relationship will be blessed to enjoy all asupiciousness . 

30 . VANGAKKADAL KADAINTHA : The thirtieth paasuram conclues 
that the above-referred avathAram of the Lord as Thiruppaavai 
is first and foremost among all of His avathArAs . Sri ANDAL is
the Mother of this avathAram . Those , who offer their homage to 
this avathaaram every day would be fully blessed and protected 
by Sriman NaarAyaNA both here in His LeelA Vibhuthi and 
the hereafter in His Nithya Vibhuthi . 

Sri ANDAL THiruvadigaLE SaraNam 

Sri Lakshmi Nrusmha ParabrahmaNE Nama:

SrimathE SrivaNN SatakOpa Sri Vedantha Desika 
Yatheendhra MahA DesikAya Nama :

SrimathE Sri lakshmi Nrusimha Divya PaadhukhA Sevaka
SrivaNN SatakOpa Sri NaarAyaNa Yatheendhra 
MahA DesikAya Nama : 

Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan