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Re: SrIgOvinda

From: usdeiva (
Date: Mon Sep 22 1997 - 09:24:58 PDT wrote:
> Dear Sriman Sundararajan,
> Thank you very much for a most illuminating account of
> Sri Govindaraja Perumal. Doesn't the name Govindarajan have its
> origin in the Vedas?
> Adiyen, Muralidhar Rangaswamy

Dear Sri Rangaswamy,

                     'gAuh' stands for cow, and is also the homonym for
vEda, and also the earth. 'gOvinda' is one who sports with any of these
[gObhi: saha vindatE].  

The name 'gOvinda' is one of the names very dear to the Lord ['ukandu
aruLina tiru-nAmam], as conferred on him by the elders of 'gOkulam' [the
land of kine], when he sportively lifted the 'gOvardhana' mountain and
held it over the common folk as a protective umbrella against the
vicious downpour of indra.    The relevant chapter in 'harivamSam' is
known as 'gOvinda-paTTAbhishEkam'.    "kurAivonRum illAda gOvindA!" is
how ANDAL adores this name.

aDiyEn rAmAnujadAsan, T.S. Sundara Rajan, @ Memphis.