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Origin of Balaji
Date: Wed Sep 17 1997 - 04:45:28 PDT

I recently heard this interpretation on why the lord of Thirumalai is
referred to as Balaji-especially bt people of Veda Desham (North India). The
episode goes back to the Bala Dhruva. When  Dhruva, a  7 yr. old Bala, asked
his mother as to who his father was, she instructed him to go to forest and
ask  for father. Dhruva with great certainty that the father would answer,
 yelled out for his father on the Thirumala Hills. Finally Vishnu appeared.
 He resides their as the lord of Bala Dhruva  (Balaji). Apparently Vishnu
resides with Dhruva as well in Dhruva Nakshatram.


Tatachar (K. Sreekrishna)