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Fwd: worship of Lord Ganesha

From: Shree (
Date: Mon Sep 15 1997 - 08:08:49 PDT


My posting regarding the Ganesha Puja seems to have generated a lot of
discussion in the group. If I had known that it would hurt the SV
sentiment, I would not have posted about it on the 'Bhakti List' which
to me was a mailing list of 'devotees' about 'devotion to the Lord'. I
apologise for my ignorance, I did not know that Sri VaishNavAs do not
worship Lord Ganesha. The Ganapati Sannidhi, the Abhishekam and Svarna
Pushhpa Archana to Maha Ganapati on Ganesha Chaturthii Day in Sri
Venkateswara Temple at Pittsburgh seemed to indicate otherwise. 

I am not knowledgeable about the scriptures as I had mentioned in my
introduction when I joined the list and do not want to enter into any

The reason I did not reply to the various messages on the subject, in
private or public, is that I was taught as a child that "God is not a
subject of discussion or arguments." and also that "HE is everywhere, in
everyone, knows everything and takes care of everyone, etc. etc." Of
course, it is very difficult to remember and follow it all the time in
daily life, but I am trying.. and my membership in this list is for
getting 'sat-sang' - good company - company of the devout. 

I have enjoyed reading the messages on the list, but the one which
stands out in my memory is the posting
>Subject: ThiruvallikENi
>Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 01:30:17 -0700

about Lord Sri Parthasarathy.

> In the coming mails I will try to describe as much of His festivals or
> vahanams from a viewers point of view and more so that of a child!
> Something to look forward to in real life, Guthirai vahanam of the
> eighth day, Yanai vahanam of the sixth day, pallakku, Garuda vahanam of
> the third day if u happen to be there at this time.
I was hoping to read more mails with such wonderful description which
transported me to ThiruvallikENi as part of the crowd watching the
procession - though I have never been there or seen such a procession in
real life.  Thank you!! 
If I have missed any of the later posts, since I was away on vacation,
please do let me know.

I do hope we will have more such contributions on the Bhakti-list in the



PS. I am forwarding a message regarding worship of Lord Ganesha - the
message is meant for me - I am just choosing to share it on the list. 

Forwarded Message:

Fwd: worship of Lord Ganesha 

> Namaskaar
> Some vaishnavas worship Lord Vishnu and His associates. They do not 
> worship any other diety, being under the 'temporary' impression that the 
> dieties are inferior to Mahavishnu.  
> If you take the view that there is nothing in this world other than 
> Mahavishnu, everything becomes worshipworthy. since the same lord is 
> present in everything and everyone, all become his associates anyway.
> Also all differences are only at the level of the words and the 
> meaning we associate to them. You call someone Ganapathy and you do not 
> worship him and you call someone vishwaksena and you worship him. Lord Rama is 
> said to have worshipped Shiva(a lesser diety according to some 
> vaishnavites) and Lord Krishna's mother worshipped Ganapathy. As per Ganapathy 
> atharva shiirsha, Lord ganapathy is  none other than Brahma, Vishnu, 
> Maheshwara and the parabrahman.   
> Paramaikaantika bhava is the ideal; but who follows this ideal in all 
> resepects. we seem to compromise on issues like money earning, marriage, 
> children's welfare and a hundred other things which we go thru on a day 
> to day basis where we do not show ananya bhava to the Lord. What's the 
> point of 'talking' of love of Lord when I do not love his creation, and 
> when I still am attached to my wealth,my spouse,my children and my house 
> I suppose we need to list our priorities and define goals. What is it 
> that we need in life. Why we are studying all these ? 
> The ultimate goal of human life is to achieve liberation. To a 
> vaishnava it is achieving bhakti for the Lord.
> Instead of trying to 'prove' a point, and score a verbal victory, we 
> ought to make every effort at liberating ourselves, by cleansing our inner 
> equipment of desires, greed, lust, pride(of spiritual knowledge- which 
> replaces other prides), anger, jealousy. etc. and make others also do 
> these acts of cleansing. Our focus should be on these
> All systems after a passage of time degenerate. Vaishnavites are no 
> exception. Kanankadasas still cannot enter temples. The spiritually 
> educated ones should try to 'cleanse'from our rituals, what is meaningless and 
> riduculous in the modern context,(like proscribing a foreigner from 
> entering our temples.) Our efforts should be to bring harmony and unity. We 
> must find out ways to bridge these differences, than stress on 
> divisions.
> It is inconceivable that the whole world will worship the Lord in only 
> one form,and will chant one mantra. The world has many tastes, hence 
> many climates, many trees, many fruits, many flowers, many vegetables and 
> variety in everything, yet there is an underlying unity, discovering which 
> we begin to love those who do not see as we see, and those who do not 
> agree with us.  
> An enlightened vaishnava like Eknath maharaj saw in the donkey dying 
> of thirst, Lord Mahavishnu and he poured the gangajal(which he was 
> carrying for abhisheka at Rameshwar)in its mouth. To prahlada Narayana was 
> present in pillar. To Namdev he was presnt in the dog; To many a pativrita 
> lady, He was present in her husband. To the householder Narayana is in 
> the 'athithi'(the guest who comes unannounced). To the children He is 
> ever present in their virtuous parents.
> Continue to worship your ishta devatha, and or kula devatha, however 
> with a mind free of desires and attachment to the world. All dieties will 
> take you to the doors of liberation.
> You may send this to your friends, if you choose to.