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One Final appeal on this SravaNa DvAdasi day

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Sep 14 1997 - 08:19:22 PDT

Dear Friends :

I want to let you know of the progress on 
the MaNickka Kondai Kaimkaryam for 
Sri BhUmi dEvi , cosort of Sri OppilA Appan
of ThiruvINNagar Divya Desam , sung by 
four AzhwArs .

The kaimkaryam has come to an important stage .
There are four specially brilliant red ruby stones 
that are needed for the focal area of the Kondai .
These quality rubies  are from Burma originally .  
Rest of the areas are covered with  ruby stones 
from RajasthAn .

I have committed to cover the expenses of 
one of the four ( Rupees 25,000 ) . Those of you ,
who wish to identify with the coverage of the expenses 
for the remaining three are most welcome to join 
in this wonderful opportunity and receive our Mother's
special blessings . I will be happy to send you
the address of the secretary of the Kaimkaryam
committee in Chennai or will be happy to forward 
your contribution to them .

Any contributions from those , who have not  participated 
in this kaimkaryam is especially welcome . We are racing 
towards completing this kaimkaryam to have the samarpaNam
on Iypassi SravaNam day , when Her kalyANa  uthsavam 
is celebrated in grand fashion every year . Iyppasi SravaNam 
falls this year on November 7 and happens to be also 
the birth day of Poygai AzhwAr ; the birth days of PutattAr 
and Pey fall on November 8 and 9 . It is a sanctifying 
combination of sacred days . Please join in celebrating them 
all with your support .
Thanks in advance for  your support . 

Sri BhUmi Naayaki ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan