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From: Govind Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Sep 11 1997 - 19:48:12 PDT

Revered members of the Bhakti group:

At this time when we are discussing various divinities in the
Hindu pantheon, the following famous episode from MahAbhAratA might
provide a useful analogy.

Drona wanted to demonstrate the one-pointedness and concentration of
Arjuna to the rest of the Pandava/Kaurava (PK) clan. The eye of a
dummy bird placed on a tree was set as a target. As each member
of the PK group took their position, Drona wanted each one to
explain what the person saw on the tree apart from the target. We
all know that with the exception of Arjuna all others saw a host
of other things on the tree (including the tree itself!). 

Clearly, this episode demonstrates the necessity of single-minded
devotion to our target and our target only. Focusing on other
things, however important they are, will serve as a distraction.
However, we can also see that in order to be able to focus our mind
on the target alone, it is not necessary to cut the tree and all the
other things and throw them away. In fact, this might result in us
losing the target.

In my humble opinion, the wielder of the bow (Arjuna) is
each and everyone of us, the arrow is our mind/heart, and the target
is Sriman Naaraayanaa's feet.     

govind rengarajan