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Prapatthi & Bhakthi Yogams

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Sep 08 1997 - 15:00:53 PDT

Dear Friends : 

Sri Raja KrishNaswamy is very gracious 
to accept the point mentioned in the private mail
in the spirit in which it was intended. Thanks,
Sri Raja KrishNaswamy . I have one or two 
suggestions on how to go about collecting this 
information .

Sri Badri SeshAdri is so close to our AchAryAs .
Perhaps , he can do us all a great favor by 
approaching , if accessible in space and time , 
an AchAryA like H.H. The jeeyar of Ahobilam or 
one of the Revered Aandavans of Srirangam and 
summarize for us the authoratitive views of one 
sampradhAyam and then help us all to benefit from 
the other point of view from the VaanamAmalai Jeeyar .
This will be ideal , if it could be accomplished . 
I am suggesting this only because Sri Badri Seshadri
is located in India and is closer than any one of us 
geographically to the Acharyaas . 

Equally valuable  would be for a scholar like Sri Anbil SwamigaL(AS) ,
who has benefitted from KaalakshEpams from more than one
AchAryA of our paramparai and help us learn  about answers to 
Sri Badri's Questions . In my mind , Sri AS  is the most Qualified one 
to explain the tenets as taught by the Vadakalai sampradhAyam .
Sriman Sundararajan of  Srirangam /Tennessee could equally enrich 
our knowledge on the Tenkalai sampradhAyam . This way , we will
get the best of both points of views and understand the subtelities
and feel comfortable with whichever appeals to us emotionally 
and intellectually .

Driven by a similar quest to get authentic inputs , I have agreed 
with the Sri VenkatEsvarA temple officials to start a new publication
named "SaraNAgathi " to house the views of our AchAryAs and 
Scholars . I have written about this earlier . Four members of our
Bhakthi list have come forward to help preparing this planned 
publication and make it available to a wide set of people . I have
requested Sri Anbil Swamigal to be a co-editor , since he has 
extensive contacts with the AchAryAs and Scholars of Sri VaishNavism
in India besides being a scholar in Sri Rahasya Traya Saaram . 
I am waiting to hear from him about his interest  to join in 
this kaimkaryam . I hope he will help with this kaimkaryam.