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Re: sarvadharmAn.. vs. karmaNyeva..

From: Badri Seshadri (
Date: Mon Sep 08 1997 - 08:34:19 PDT


On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Raja Krishnasamy wrote:

> In regards to the enclosed mail:
> May be the words "Prapaththi mArgam perhaps begins where Bhakti mArgam
> stops..." would be more appropriate in this context.


> Sri V. Sadagopan wrote in a personal mail to Raja Krishnasamy:
> >I hesitate to "correct " you . Prapatthi margam  
> >and bhakthi yogam are not the same . MadhvAs 
> >accept bhakthi as the means and the end . They 
> >do not accept Prapatthi . 

At the risk of sounding blasphemous.. I must say that
I find the madhva line of argument more rational.

> >Sri Viashnavism is unique 
> >in developing Prapatthi as a MOkshOpAyam that  
> >can be followed  effectively by any one independent 
> >of caste , creed or sex . Prapatthi is KashaNa karthavyam , 
> >where as the Bhakthi margam is ardous to follow . 
> >Bhakthi margam may prepare one for  prapatthi . 

In a way, Bhakthi margam is made out to be difficult to follow,
and prapatti is shown to be some sort of an easy way out (not
exactly, but in a simplistic viewpoint). Yet, bhakthi merely
prepares one for prapatti!

In fact, our tradition is the only one that talks about
this "easy way out" (not withstanding the various supporting
upanishadic quotes one finds in RTS).

Can I request the scholars present in this forum to put
together an easy-to-understand compilation of the points
made in our parampara about the differences between
bhakthi and prapatti, the criticisms on this by other
schools and our defense. It would be most useful to those
of us not fortunate enough to learn these points from an