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Re: sarvadharmAn.. vs. karmaNyeva..

From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Mon Sep 08 1997 - 08:15:42 PDT

In regards to the enclosed mail:

May be the words "Prapaththi mArgam perhaps begins where Bhakti mArgam
would be more appropriate in this context.  I stand corrected.  However,
as you see it is indeed difficult to understand the subtler points
without the influence of one's AchAryA.  So much for life in the western
world !

Raja Krishnasamy 

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Sri V. Sadagopan wrote in a personal mail to Raja Krishnasamy:
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>To:       Raja Krishnasamy  
>Subject:  Re: sarvadharmAn.. vs. karmaNyeva.. 

>Dear Sri Raja KrishNaswamy : 
>When you state " I believe that Prapatthi margam is  
>the same as Bhakthi margam " , I am not sure , whether  
>it is your  belief or your understanding of the achAryA's 
>view .    
>I hesitate to "correct " you . Prapatthi margam  
>and bhakthi yogam are not the same . MadhvAs 
>accept bhakthi as the means and the end . They 
>do not accept Prapatthi . Sri Viashnavism is unique 
>in developing Prapatthi as a MOkshOpAyam that  
>can be followed  effectively by any one independent 
>of caste , creed or sex . Prapatthi is KashaNa karthavyam , 
>where as the Bhakthi margam is ardous to follow . 
>Bhakthi margam may prepare one for  prapatthi . 
>Hope you do not mind my pointing this  out , 
>since it is a cardinal point in our theology . 
>Best Wishes ,