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Ahobila Muth in Tirupati
Date: Fri Sep 05 1997 - 13:03:18 PDT

There was an article about the President's inauguration of the
Tirupati complex of Sri Ahobila Muth in April or May.  Mani raised a
question as to whether non Brahmins are allowed in this complex.

I spoke to Sri Devanathan today who is the secretary to the Jeer as
well as the in charge of the Mutt facilities in Hyderabad, Tirupati
and Ahobilam.  He confirmed that caste is no factor in deciding who
can reside at the complex.  Anyone is welcome to stay at the Mutt
facilities.  At the present time guests are not allowed to cook in
the mutt facilities.  Plans are still being finalized about the
method to provide Prasadam to visitors.  Currently they have to rely
on restaurants or Tirupati temple Prasadam.