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A nice pAsuram from periya thirumozhi...

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Fri Sep 05 1997 - 01:07:52 PDT

A nice pAsuram from periya thirumozhi.

Sri thirumaN^gai AzhwAr, in this pAsuram talks about his past life, repents
for it and explains how after the thiru manthrArtha upadhEsam has corrected
himself and is leading the right path now. 

This has a nice reference to how we, ordinary mortals, take sides and tend to 
excessively support those who are on our side and vociferously oppose those
against us. This is not particularly targetted to anybody. I was a little
disturbed by the nature of postings in the net in the recent past, (i don't
even want to make an attempt to describe them...) and while browsing through
my favourite periya thirumozhi, i hit upon this pAsuram. 

I thought it would be worthwhile to share this with the group. This would
atleast pave way to discussions on the nectarlike compositions of our
AzhwArs and AchAryars... which we have in abundance!! 

("muyal vittuk kAkkai pin pOvadhE" :)) again by sri thirumaN^gai AzhwAr!! )

poRuththEn punsol n^eNYcil poruL inbam ena iviraNdum
iRuththEn* aimpulankat kadanAyina vAyilotti
aRuththEn* Arvac cheRRam avai thannai manaththagaRRi
veRuththEn* n^innadain^dhEn thiru viNNagar mEyavanE ! 

			-- sri thirumaN^gai AzhwAr
			   periya thirumozhi - 6.2.1

punsol n^eNYcil poRiththEn-
When the lowly people around me made slanderous remarks about me, i
tolerated them all and remained with them (instead of leaving them and
seeking refuge in You. Sri vibheeshaNar is cited as a reference here. When
sri vibheeshaNar tried to correct rAvaNan, he was insulted. vibheeshaNar didn't
continue to stay with rAvaNan. Instead he came to sri rAmar and performed
charaNAgathi at HIS feet. But I  remained with those lowly people and didn't 
come to you at that time.  )

aimpunkat kadanAyina poruL inbam ena iraNdum iRuththEn,
Arvam cheRRam vAyilotti aRuththEn-
I sought after wealth and physical pleasure to satisfy my senses.
In doing so i showed great extra affection towards those who helped me and hated
the others who were against me. Instead of judging people by their character
i was biased and showed partial treatment based on how they helped me in my

avai thannai manaththu agaRRi veRuththEn, n^innadain^dhEn-
I used to do all these before i had the thiru mantrArththa upadhEsam. Now i have
realised all my mistakes and am seeking refuge at your feet, Oh! Lord of

(Vijay Triplicane)