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Re: challenge

From: R. Skrintha (
Date: Thu Sep 04 1997 - 00:13:46 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,

 I shall try, in the limited means available to me, to answer Sri Keshava 
Prasad's query. Needless to mention, it is my own opinion which might 
well be wrong!

(a) Dear Sri Keshava Prasad, one thing i noticed is that some people with a 
scientific outlook assume that a non-religious outlook is 
somehow more logical. That is the strangest part! They don't 
recognize that there is nothing within the collected corpus of human 
scientific knowledge to allow us to form an opinion of the transcendental. 
Why not bring it to their notice that if science doesn't predict atma nor 
converesly can it exclude it. An absence of evidence shd not be 
miscontrued as an evidence of absence. It is in keeping with spirit of 
science to explore (as one can) the Vedic experience of the seers before 
forming an opinion.

(b) Except to those who are readily amenable to traditional doctrines, 
we must stress only those parts of SriVaishnavism that might be expected 
to find a psychological appeal. For ex. one cd stress the value of 
meditation to soothe the mind. We must not stress on ritualisms, 
rebirths, etc which it may be difficult to justify within the framework of 
that person's (limited) perception, and even less stress purely social 
issues which might appear quite anachronous these days! We cd stress the 
fact that by nature  spiritual exprience is subjective, with our own mind 
being our secret  laboratory. One can no more represent this verbally to 
everyone's  satisfaction than one can explain the experience of (say) 
sleep to a sleepless alien!!! 

 Hari Om,