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Criticisms and ego ...

From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Thu Sep 04 1997 - 07:51:40 PDT

Please do not mistake me for this posting.  I have been a witness as to
what has transpired in this group so long and id does not please me
either - neither Shri Sudarshan's comments, nor the reponses. 
While it may be true that we as mortals are caught by the knots of
insult to our ego, the Lord expects us as he says in the gItA: 
	... aviDhyasya kuthO dhanam, aDhanasya kuthO mithram, amithrasya
kuthaha sukham ? 
I can not attain viDhyA unless I set aside my ego and the insults and
mud that one may confer upon me.  I feel it only right to see through
the slander and try to identify any merit to the literary content of
such postings if any.  If there is no such merit, it is only right for
me to ignore such an incident. 
When sage durvAsar kicked the Lord on His chest for ignoring him, He did
not feel insulted.  On the contrary, He actually attended to the sage
instantly, and even blessed him by releasing him of his ego, by closing
the "eye of ego" that he had in his feet.  And when that happens, shrI
durvAsa muni is indeed enlightened, that it is he who has insulted the
Lord.  The Lord and Godess MahAlakshmI subsequently come down to Earth
as Lord ShrInivAsar and shrI alarmElmangai at Thirumalai and
ThiruchAnUr.  Being a follower of such a Supreme Being, it only behooves
me to follow his teachings. 
The past few weeks, I have been reading more and more of the shrImath
bhAgavatham and as I get into it more and more, Compassion, tolerance
and Bhakthi through renunciation is all that the Lord wants us to
follow, and he never ceases to reiterate them in his upadEsham. 
Let us therefore set the "Sudarshan" incident aside and go on with our
purpose in this group rather than imitate the content of certain other
newsgroups.  The purpose of this group is to promote shrIvaishNavism,
and it is not a platform where SDDS settles its disputes.  At least it
is not in the charter goal. 

So let us just get back our composure and get on with our routine of
reading some wonderful postings by the likes of shrI Sadagopan
Om shAnthi shAnthi shAnthihi.

rAja krishNasAmy