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prapanna-three debts-CLARIFICATION

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon Sep 30 1996 - 12:23:55 PDT

This is an addition to Sadagopan's answers to the three debt question.  All
the trivarnikas (Brahmana Vaishya Kshatrias) should work to pay back the
three debts as enumerated in the recent mail by Sadagopan.  There is no
escape as per shastras.

Prapannas who are trivarnikas also should perform activities to repay the
three debts.  They are NOT EXCLUDED from three debts.  In post prapatti
phase, if one is living, he has to do karmas to satisfy "three debts".  One
will incur the wrath of Srimannarayana if a prapanna fails to do the duties.
In fact prapatti will not give a "I have done it" license, regarding
Sandhyavandana, pitru karya and all other nitya and naimittika karmas.

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