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Durga stotram

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon Sep 30 1996 - 12:42:13 PDT

Sri Tatachar found the reference in Mahabharata.  He also answered any
confusion regarding  intent of the stotra. My views are:

Before the war and before 11th chapter (vishwaroopa-vision), Arjuna still
thought that Sri Krishna was just a close friend even though he had heard
other sages extoll Sri Krishna.  So Sri Krishna did not have to say the
ultimate truth to ARjuna at that time.

>From another perspective, Arjuna at the beginning of Bhagawadgita,
surrendered to the Lord to get instruction of truth.  Prior to the war
Arjuna might not have asked with all sincerity what should be done.

Note: just because a prayer was suggested that does not make the diety to be
the ultimate.  From Lord Krishna's perspective all are equal and all(Durga,
other dieties and all of us for that matter) are his subbordinates.  He has
not hatred or discrimination regarding Durga, whom he himself has appointed
for certain functions.  He just suggested Arjuna to ask the blessings of
Durga. This is not a part of the "shastra - which either could be
Bhagawadgita or Vishnu Sahasranama". Please note that the essence is that
one should not entertain animosities towards other dieties, but just be
careful in understanding who is the ultimate cause of all.

Note also that Durga or SHiva are very great dieties (elevated souls).  The
ultimacy is the question here (nothing else).

Many such issues arise in puranas and other parts of scriptures.

The bottom line is : Shastras (prasthana traya - Upanisads, Bhagawadgita and
Brahma sutras)do support the ultimacy of Vishnu.  The ultimacy of other
dieties is not supported anywhere in vedanta.
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