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Thiru mAl irum chOlai - Part 1 - AdisEshan's abode

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Mon Sep 30 1996 - 08:02:53 PDT

This temple thalapurAnAm and the 121 pAsurams (4 th largest
no. of pAsurams on any single temple) is being narrated and compiled by
me from variuos sources and personal experiences, with my limited knowledge in
many (approx 24) parts and I felt I can share the same to many bAgawathALs in
this forum. As I write this I seek aNdAL's blessings and kaLLazhagar's aruL. I
also seek forgiveness from the Lord and fellow bAgawathALs for omission (of any
major aspect of this kshethram) from my part on this wonderful kshEthram.

AdisEshan has "1000" heads and it is believed that
adisEshan literally "lives" here. Aazhwar pAsuram
confirms this belief.  In an unique fashion this
hill also houses "1000" other things along with
"1000" headed adisEshan. These other contents of the
hill is also covered by aazhwar in his pAsuram.
Azhagar malai or Azhagar hills is 10 miles wide
in east west direction and is about "1000" feet
high. This hill is also having numerous sunai's
or mini water fillets  and hosts countless varieties
of botanical specimens and flowers. Besides the hills
has rare herbal plants (In South India few of the
hills have rare herbal plants that "chiththars" use for
their miracle cures. I would request you all to
recall the recent demo of Ramar pillai during 2 nd week
of sept 1996, in IIT Madras in presence of several
scientists and Indian Govt Rep for transportaion and
alternate fuel. He burnt certian herbs collected from some
of these undientified hills in south TN, and made some type of
(similar to gasoline) fuel from it using some additives.
 The fuel was tested to be more economical and rich in contents
when tested in several labs.). This hill is also considered
to be cool as similar to kodaikaNal and other popular
hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Since "1000" headed adisEshan
is considered to live here, it seems this hill also hosts
"1000" varieties of such botanical specimen and 1000
varieties of flowers and 1000 such water fillets or sunais.
periAzhwar describes in his pasuram as

 aayiram thOL parapppi mudiyaayiram minnil
 aga aayiram painthalaiya anatha sayanan aaLum malai
 aayiram yaarugaLun chunaikaL palavaairamum
 aayiram poompozhilumudai maalirunchOlaiyatheE

"aayiram thOL parapppi mudiyaayiram minnil"
- with "1000" shoulders spread out and thousand crowns glittering
(ie. a crown on each head of adiseshan glitters)

aga aayiram painthalaiya anatha sayanan aaLum malai
- this malai or hills is ruled by "1000" head anathasayanan

aayiram yaarugaLun chunaikaL palavaairamum
- with "1000" rivers and several "1000" sunai's or water fillets

aayiram poompozhilumudai maalirunchOlaiyatheE
- with 1000 variety of flowers this thirumAlirunchOlai is filled with.

*Incidentally* this is also the same kshEthram Sri RamAnujar (the avathAram of
Sri AdisEshan) visited and fulfilled Sri AndAL's prayers on "akkAra vadisal".

ayiramthalai anathasayanan samEthara Sri Sundaravallli Sriparama swami
thiruvadikaLE saranam

Sampath Rengarajan