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Date: Mon Sep 30 1996 - 05:57:30 PDT

Dear Members of the Prapatti Group,

I was extremely delighted to read the commentaries on the 
Raghuveera Gadyam (continuing series) and the Nyasa Tilakam by Sri Sadagopan. 
I would like to express my sincere appreciation and  thanks to Sri 
Sadagopan for his brilliant summaries on the incomparable works of our 
Paramacharyan. Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to share with 
us his insights on the works of our Acharyas and Purvacharyas. This 
indicates his love for our Kula Dhanam. Swami Desikan's outpourings 
are majestic indeed and Sri Sadagopan's summary on each of these 
topics is like Priya Perumal Prasadam.

Sri Sadagopan also gave a very eloquent account of Swami Desikan's 
Tirunakshatram celebrations at the Ashland Hindu Temple. It was 
our good fortune to be blessed by his presence and participation in 
the kainkaryam for the Divya Dampatis. Sri Sadagopan is very kind to 
bestow his compliments on me. However, I admit that I have a long 
way to go to be worthy of such praise. I would like to thank Sri
Sadagopan again for the many Asheervadams. The reference to Panguni 
Uttaram and the delivery of Gadya Trayam by EmperumanAr on this day was 
very touching indeed. A study of the Gadya Trayam reveals the mood of the 
Acharyan during each composition.

Moved by the sight of the Lord in Utsavam with his consort in the 
royal court, Sri Ramanujacharya burst out spontaneously with the 
Sharanagati Gadyam. Of particular note in this Gadyam is the formal 
surrender at the conclusion of the Gadyam. The Acharyan requests the 
Lord "Make my life thine! Make my all thine!" In response, the Lord of 
Srirangam broke his Archa Samadhi and blessed the Acharyan "Remain 
here beside me in Srirangam until thy body falls to the earth." Pleased 
by this joyous experience of the Lord, Ramanujacharya longs for more 
of the same. Disturbed at the prospect of being possessed by Karma, he 
resolves that the only way for him to get his wish is by being beside 
the Lord forever. This is possible by being of constant service to 
the Lord at all times in all forms under all circumstances. The 
Acharyan requests this in Sri Ranganatha Gadyam which immediately 
follows the Sharanagati Gadyam. After the formal surrender in the 
Sri Ranganatha Gadyam, the Acharyan is blessed with a brilliant 
vision of Sri Vaikuntam which is magnificently captured in the 
Vaikunta Gadyam. It is my opinion that the majesty of the the Vaikunta 
Gadyam defies translation. However, the erudite members in this forum 
could prove me wrong.

Sri Ranganayaki Sametha Sri Ranganatha Swami Parabrahmane Namaha,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy