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Brahmin-Politically correct?
Date: Thu Sep 26 1996 - 18:00:11 PDT

First, I like to thank Sri Vijaya Srinivasan for his numerous valuable posts.
Second, I like to apologize to all Prapannas because I  revisited this topic
(just because  I felt so)
 which is of no real significance to a SriVaishnava.
Sri Vijay Srinivasan <> said:

>>>I think the views expressed by Tatachar ...are politically correct, but
unfortunately far from reality.>>>>>

 I don't get it. What I have stated is what is in the Gita and what
Yudhistira says in the Yakshaprasna. These views are also reflected in
Dammapada, a Buddhist text. It is apparent that people (at least some) must
have abused their Brahmin birth, which made Buddha to remind people who or
what makes  abrahmin.

Rather than being politically correct, my views are politically incorrect,
both for  USA  and  India.  I will say why.

As per the US constitution, we are created equal: I believe in Krishna's
Chaturvarnya view. This is true and scientific and indeed the law of nature.
Nothing to do with race, nationality, color or religion. Thus,  Even within
 the siblings we can sometimes see all the Varnas.

As per the view held in India, for all political, economical and social
purposes, our caste is SOLELY based on our parent's caste. I believe, our
parent's caste can influence us but can not over rule our own REAL attitude
and aptitude (caste). Here also I am politically incorrect.

Sri Vijaya Srinivasan also said
<<<<For example: How many arranged marriages that we see today are

Actually both the inter-caste as well as intra-caste arranged marriages are
uncommon! Lord Krishna said four castes, we have turned that into 5 major
castes and over 4000 sub castes. Even within Brahmins thare are several
hundred sub caste. (Ref: A recent book published on people of India and
quoted in an anthropology paper in PNAS (proceedings of the national academy
of sciences, USA). 

In my opinion (also that of Sri D.V. Gundappa, a great Kannada thinker),
Purusha Suktam (and Gita) view is universal, not just for HINDUS.   It
includes people who have never heard of Krishna or the  Vedas. It is just
like the law of gravity. To think otherise is simply WRONG, no matter how
many Acharyas have endorsed it.  For eg., George Washington had black slaves,
just like the other whites of his time-this neither reduces the greatness of
Washington nor does it endorse that slavery is right. 


K. Sreekrishna (Tatachar)